Best Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala

10 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kerala

Kerala, is a place with rich cultural heritage, hilly terrains as well as exotic wildlife sanctuaries that are spread across Munnar to Kovalam. The landscape offers a variety of flora as well as fauna to attract a lot of visitors every year.

Here are the list of 10 Best Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that must visit during your trip to the place:

1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary :- Periyar Wildlife SanctuaryImage - samaylive

Known to be one of the top hot spots of Kerala for tourism, the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary, popular as Thekaddy Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to great diversity of flora as well as the fauna of the place. It is named after the famous Periyar lake which is situated in the sanctuary. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year to experience the great wildlife.

Best Time to Visit – November to April

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2. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary :- Parambikulam Wildlife SanctuaryImage - downsviewpark

Falling under the World Heritage Site, the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is located in the Palakkad district of Kerala. The place is famous for the flora as well as has 61 species of reptiles and around 124 varieties of pretty butterflies that can actually make your trip quite a memorable one.

Best Time to Visit – November to April

3. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary :- Idukki Wildlife SanctuaryImage - keralatourism

Being one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is interspersed between the two rivers Cheruthoni and Periyar that act as a great platform for the wild animals and species to get water for their needs. Get ready to experience the beautiful flora and fauna of the place.

Best Time to Visit – December to April

4. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary :- Chinnar Wildlife SanctuaryImage - wckottayam

Famous for the sandalwood as well as for the great waterfalls, the chinar wildlife sanctuary is quite a distinct and exotic one with so many beautiful flowers and fauna surrounding the place. Being a thorny scrub forest it is also a major attraction for the tourists to explore the place.

Best Time to Visit - December to April

5. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary :- Wayanad Wildlife SanctuaryImage - mouthshut

An amazing place to witness a lot of tribal groups and wild animals like tigers, leopards, monkeys, lions etc. The sanctuary being an extension of the Bandipur National Park attracts the tourists for its rich heritage of flora as well as fauna. The tall trees and waterfalls with a beautiful Ladakki valley is a fascination for the travelers.

Best Time to Visit - June to October

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6. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary :- Neyyar Wildlife SanctuaryImage - sanctuariesindia

Quite famous for the crocodile farm and the Elephant as well as Deer Rehabilitation Centre the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the hill Agasthyakoodam after the great sage agasthya. The place is also nestled with a lot of mesmerizing bird species.

Best Time to Visit - October to March

7. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary :- Peppara Wildlife SanctuaryImage - ytimg

Situated in the catchment area of peppara dam, the wildlife sanctuary is quite famous for its eucalyptus plants as well as hilly terrains which is symbolic of elephants, dogs, tigers, leopards etc. You area also able to witness 13 different kinds of tribal groups that remain untouched from the helm of civilization.

Best Time to Visit - September to March

8. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary :- Aralam Wildlife SanctuaryImage - manoramaonline

If you are looking to witness the squeaky squirrels and the great variety of flowers and plants, then this wildlife sanctuary is a must to visit a place with rich floral diversity. It helps you get the complete glimpse of elephants and the great Western Ghats on which it is situated.

Best Time to Visit - June to October

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9. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary :- Mangalavanam Bird SanctuaryImage - sanctuariesindia

Known to be the bird watcher’s paradise, the place is quite famous for the diversity of the bird species. You will get a glimpse of so many beautiful birds and the exotic mangrove trees as well as find birds with the communal birding. The Black Crowned Night Heron is a famous breed of birds that you will find over the place.

Best Time to Visit - May and July

10. Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary :- ThattekadImage - mouthshut

A magnificent wildlife sanctuary which is also a home to 500 different species of birds like falcon grey, Ceylon Frogmouth as well as Night Heron. It is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and resembles the bird species found in Eastern Himalayas.

Best Time to Visit - May and July

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