11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

Thailand is such an irresistible place that I have visited so many times. I have been asked by all my friends and colleagues that why do I visit it uncountable times. Whenever I think about visitingThailand, the excitement inside me suddenly grows shoots up! It has few factors in it that makes me want to leave my home and book a direct flight to Thailand. I honestly have few reasons which make me want to visit this place again and again.

Why Visit Thailand ?

1) Weather: Thailand has a very satisfying weather throughout the year. It is always warm, but never very hot. It is not cold and is absolutely the weather almost everybody love to be in. If you visit any other place where it is monsoon, the rise of irritating humidity is surely there. Whereas in Thailand, when it rains, the humidity is exactly as you wish it to be. Not irritable and very enjoyable. 2) Thai food:

Thai FoodIn spite of Thai food being famous all around the world, it will obviously taste the best in Thailand itself. They have got many mouth-watering dishes that will completely change your inner mood. Be it its taste or its appearance. As Thai food is known to be very spicy, a humble suggestion would be to ask the waiter that you want your dish to be 'mai pet'. It actually means that you don't want your food to be spicy, but in spite of you saying that, the non spicy food for the natives of Thailand tastes best for its visitors.

3) The Tropical Islands: Koh Lanta BeachThailand's beaches are perfect for couples going on honeymoons. Well, who wouldn't like a memorable moment while having an enjoyable swim in those wonderful beaches? The best islands that you would want to visit can be found easily on the borders of the Malaysia. Ko Chang and Ko Lanta are the famous islands known to be well preserved unlike the other islands which are not very well preserved. 4) Environment: If you visit America, you will surely find all Americans around you, if it is China, then obviously, Chinese people. But Thailand is different. It is apart from rest of the places. You can find people from almost every country and nobody is the same. This is throughout Thailand which makes it an international place for anybody. Another best about this international culture is that the stores are always open. Whole night and whole day. You never even need to wait for a taxi! 5) Bangkok: BangkokIt has now become a favorite spot for most of its visitors as it is a very easy city to live in. You can find great bars, its delicious food and many more other events always going on. You can find it very easy to get along in Bangkok. If you are even lost, the kind hearted natives are always there to help you and reach the place where you are staying. One of the best things about visiting Bangkok is this city never sleeps!

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6) It Is Cheap: Like really, Thailand is a very cheap place to visit. People keep wondering including me if why is it so cheap. You can get a good room and bigger than you need for not more than 10 USD. And the food? That's very cheap too. You can have its mouth-watering and delicious food including the drinks not for more than 5 USD. If you're willing to have a bungalow right beside the beach, it will cost you only 20 USD. 7) Thai People: Thai-girlOkay now let's be honest, the girls in Thailand and very beautiful and absolutely stunning. Another phrase to describe them would be that they're pretty hot! Seriously guys, many people visit Thailand so that they can date a beautiful Thai girl and get her to marry them. It is absolutely very nice to have a visit on a country which has so many nice girls with exotic looks and flawless skin. 8) The Lush Green Jungles: ChiangMai JungleApart from sitting around the beach and swimming in it, if you like to hike around in the jungles, Thailand is the right place for you. You can visit the lush green jungles and the elephants at the Khao Yai National Park and to the popular lake from the Khao Sok in the southern Thailand, to the most famous jungles and the treks of the hill tribe near the Chiang Mai. 9) The Thai Locals: Thailand also has very nice locals. It may be because they are always wise, kind and moreover, always smiling. They are polite and extremely helpful when you are in any kind of big to small trouble. Small trouble includes that if you are unable to coupe with Thai language, they will cooperate and will help you in the translation. Thai natives rarely have the motive of stealing anything and this can the only place where you can leave your tablets or laptops outside if you are going to use a washroom. 10) Thailand's Buddhist Heritage: The predominant religion of this country is Buddhism. It influences from almost everything. From the way with which people interact with each other and the architecture. In almost any major city of this country, you can find awesome Buddhist temple with a beautiful architecture. One of the best thing about Thailand's Buddhist heritage is that they are as old as 2500 years from today! 11) The Thai Massage: Thai MassageNow this is the thing which many people must have heard of a Thai massage. If you are a frequent massage visitor, for example in any American city, even the cheapest massage would cost you around 25 USD. You will be a litter surprised to know that even its famous massage is affordable for anybody. A session of Thai massage in almost any Thai which is an hour long would only charge you 6 USD. From their traditional techniques to the relaxing reflexology sessions and the foot massages, it is a mere paradise for the massage lovers!
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