Why Taj Mahal is The Best Tourist Attraction

Taj Mahal, in Agra is one of the marvels of architecture, Seven Wonders of the World and recognized as UNESCO world Heritage site. It is an epitome of love. The history of Taj Mahal begins with death of the beloved wife of the Emperor Shah Jahan, dated back to 1630 AD. Shah Jahan poured enormous wealth in addition to his passion and life to create this monument. It took 22 years to complete the construction and by more than 20000 workers. It is a symbol of love!

Architectural Significance -

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Constructed on the banks of River Yamuna amidst the lush gardens, Taj Mahal blows you away! You can spend hours just by seeing this colossal architecture. You can see the replica of Taj Mahal in no other place, but inside the Taj Mahal itself. A massive reflecting pool stunningly creates the mirage of Taj Mahal.

Taj_Mahal Pillars

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The arch and dome carved with semiprecious stones carry the painstaking details of craftsmen! The four pillars made of white marbles slightly lean outwards to protect the mausoleum. The main mausoleum also has two grand buildings constructed with red sandstone, where one is a guesthouse and other is a mosque. The interiors are influenced by Persian architecture, while exterior reflects the finest architecture of Mughals.


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It has three entrances, East, West and South gates. Western gate is the main entrance and obviously it is highly populated. There will be long queues and very crowded. South gate is popular among the travelers as this entrance is closer to many budget-friendly hotels in Agra.

East gate is less populated and has short queues. However, the distance from the ticket counter and east gate is too long. If you book online, just make an entry through east gate.

Timings and Price -

Entry : 6 :00 am – 6:00 PM Closed on Fridays Entry Fee-INR 20 / per person for Indians and INR 750/- per person for foreigners INR 510 /for citizens from SAARC. No entry fee for children under 15 years of age for both national and international visitors. Website: http://www.tajmahal.gov.in

Things To Avoid -

Be aware that you may encounter a lot of beggars and annoyance as you wait in the entrance. Don’t encourage guides, agents or photographers.

Why Taj Mahal is a Must Visit For HoneyMooners?

Tajmahal for honeymoonImage Source Taj Mahal personifies what is love and is a tribute paid by a man to the love of his life.As a newly-wed couple, love will definitely capture your senses.Every couple should visit this crest of love at least once in their lifetime. Nothing could be more romantic and inspiring than visiting Taj Mahal for the newlywed couples.

You could even kick start your honeymoon escapade embracing the love, for a life time journey! Loveless life is nothing! It is only the beautiful memories create sparks in your relationship! Get the everlasting spark blessed by majesty of mesmeric Taj Mahal, cherished forever.Taj Mahal might be a popular travel attraction and look breathtakingly beautiful! Royal colossal and classy! An Iconic manifestation of Mughal architecture. Beyond all these, it is one of the most romantic places on the planet!

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