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Why Not to visit Kerala any other time than during Monsoons

Kerala, the God’s own country turns into a God’s own paradise during the monsoon season ! The green carpeted Kerala turns sinfully exotic when the rain sprinkles the love and bliss allover the place. Monsoons isn’t the best time  to travel, a few believes! You are crazy if you think so! Nothing meets the joy and ecstasy of enjoying your holiday in Kerala during monsoons. Yes ,you do get some unexpected benefits that doubles, rather multiples your happiness when you travel to Kerala during monsoons. Here, you have a few great reasons why not to visit Kerala any other time other than during monsoons! 1) A lavish retreat from the frantic life


Holidaying isn’t just about rushing to visit the important places and attractions. It is more about connecting with yourself and the nature around you. Just go ease and free. Monsoon season in Kerala gives a cozy welcome offering a real retreat. Sit back, relax, have fun, enjoy your blissful world, talk, play, hear your music, or just watch out those lavish lush green covering you like a warm blanket. That’s a soulful rejuvenation.

2) Make the use of ayurvedic therapies ayurvedic treatment

Monsoons doesn’t just mean hot and spicy snacks. In fact, monsoon is the best time to try some refreshing and nourishing ayurvedic therapies. Soothing climate, damp atmosphere, less dust and pollution free environment make you more receptive to ayurvedic therapies. Herbal oil and poultice massages, medicated baths and special therapies treat any disease from headache to chronic arthritis. Just like having a cup of hot spiced tea, spice your body for complete nourishment with authentic ayurvedic therapies, the best you gift yourself.

3) Jaw-Dropping Deals everywhere jaw dropping deals

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Traveling to Kerala isn’t something cheaper! Yet, enjoy Kerala at its best only during monsoon without burning your pocket. Kerala don’t just rain during monsoon; you can also enjoy the raining discounts from hotel stays to shopping and ayurvedic therapies; Travelling to Kerala during monsoon is blissful as well very affordable. Don’t miss shopping. Get the real spices and herbs at the lowest rates possible.

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4) Romantic Escapade

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Drizzling rain, savoring food, blissful nature feasting the vision, soothing climate, cool breeze and a toast of magical nature is all what you can expect during a romantic escapade. Love may be in the air, but love is in every droplet of rain in Kerala! Experience the unexpected romantic escapade in the Kerala, better than the best! Nothing could be more romantic than enjoying a ride on the backwaters of Kerala on a blissful noon coated with kisses of rain!

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6) Onam – The Biggest Festival of Kerala onam festival Image Source

Kerala has some colorful festivals celebrated during monsoons. One of the important and the biggest festival is ONAM. It is nothing but harvest festival celebrated for the period of 10 days, falls during the months of August and September. The specialty of Onam is that there is no restriction on any religion. It is the festival of Keralities. You will experience colorful flowers, luscious delicacies, traditional dresses, bamboozling Katakali Dance, spine-chilling snake boat race and a lot; Kerala shines during Onam celebration. Don’t miss Onam Sadya, the real feast of Keralities.

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7) Heaven on Earth – Redefined during monsoons why not to visit main image Image Source

There are quite a few heavenly places in Kerala. The height of beauty exceeds and elevates to another level during monsoon. Not to miss these heavenly attractions in Kerala, a redefined extravaganza!

  • Asthamudi

If you are a lazy traveler, just go unwind in the Asthamudi. Located at a distance of 76kms from Tiruvananthapuram aka Trivandrum, Asthamudi is the gateway to the fascinating backwaters of Kerala.

  • A leisurely walk in the tea gardens

While visiting the hill stations may not be right option during monsoon, you can enjoy a leisurely walk in the tea plantations. The soothing cool breeze carrying the aroma of the fresh spices makes you fall in love with the nature! Don’t miss savoring the monsoon in a cup of tea!!! How about getting something hot during the damp weather? Pluck some leaves from the tea garden, enjoy rich and refreshing flavors .

  • Athirapalli Falls

One of the mystical and mesmeric water falls in India surrounded by breathtaking scenic views. Unromantic it is if we miss out spending a day exclusive at the waterfalls. It won’t be sufficient, still make the most.

Planning for a holiday during monsoon? Just go to Kerala.

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