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Why to choose Maldives over Dubai for your honeymoon

Planning for a dream destination for your honeymoon? Couples often gets confused in order to choose from two or three destinations to make a final pick.If you are the one who couldn’t decide on choosing between Maldives and Dubai, read this. This is for you!

Maldives is a cluster of tiny and big islands, scattered in the Indian Ocean. Dubai is a brimming travel destination, not a specific paradise for honeymoon!

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The invigorating life, beaming city of Dubai immersed in the luxury and lavishness everywhere, makes Dubai stand far beyond. Although Dubai got some exotic places and special activities for the newlyweds, Maldives win hands down!

Dubai appears extravagance in every aspect when compared with the toast of romance we see in every atom of Maldives. Above all, Dubai is a shopping paradise, the best bet for shopaholics, not for honeymooners!


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Maldives is a sweet delicious recipe as a tropical paradise! All you need is a lot of serenity, nestled with backdrop of stupendous nature, a fine coat of azure water, toasted with cool breeze and swaying palm trees, you get the most delicious recipe to enjoy your honeymoon.

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What makes Maldives a special honeymoon destination over Dubai?

Honeymoon Suite Terrace

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Maldives is one of the sexiest tropical paradises in the world with some best island resorts! You are newlywed! You need some privacy, okay a lot of privacy! Get romantic every time, all time when nobody near you! Every island or waterfront resort or Villa gives you optimal privacy!

Just think about, island hopping in the Maldives versus a camel ride or a jeep safari in a hot desert? You don’t get any hot flashes! You have a lot of fun with your loved one.

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The climate is so subtle. Neither too hot, nor too cold, and not too windy! That’s the perfect weather for a perfect romantic escapade. Of course, the best time to visit Maldives is between November to April. The rest of the months, you may not predict the climate.

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A true sense of open space with your own privacy awaits you at Maldives. You are just surrounded by bounty nature, nothing else. Escape from the stresses of the busy and hectic lifestyle, without forgoing the comforts. Live a dreamy honeymoon only at Maldives.

Get breathtaking views of Maldives at a glance when you ride on a sea plane! You see nothing but the sea from your sea plane. Give a break from your real time romance, fly to the pea-sized capital city, Male, and get some shopping experience.


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Over-water villas open as infinity pools – Something that makes honeymooners go crazy over Maldives again and again is the overwater villas. Your private pool opens to the sheer turquoise water. You will feel like barely getting out of water!

underwater Activities

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Underwater activities are quite amusing! That takes you two to a different world in a paradise. Just if the underwater / waterfront romance isn’t relaxing you, get cozy with couples spa therapy! Something every couple should try.

hand in hand

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Hand in hand, go for a walk on the sand bars and the sea! Yea, the slice of sand bars appears and disappears with the tides! You cannot think about recreating some magical moments you gain at Maldives.

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While Dubai is lavish in every bite, Maldives gives you an exotic and lavish honeymoon experience. No place can give you a dreamy honeymoon than the idyllic beaches, sandbars and tranquil atmosphere at Maldives. Every part of this beautiful island is an intact piece of paradise, only for you! The aggressive amenities are not here and still it means nothing to the honeymooners, who don’t care for it. Leave your shoes, as well your worries as you reach Maldives. You are escaping to your very own dreamy escapade.

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