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10 Reasons Your Kids Will Enjoy Vacationing In Maldives

When it comes to vacationing on an island right next to the sea, there is nothing quite like the Maldives. Just imagine yourself lazing around in a private villa that is situated right above thecrystal clear blue water with your family and watching the sunset. The breathtaking view of the coral reef and the underwater life will simply leave you amazed, and you would want to dive into the ocean and never come out! Here are the ten reasons why you and your kids will simply love the Maldives: 1.     The Beautiful Beaches The breathtakingly beautiful beaches will make your kids fall in love almost instantly. Due to these beaches, there are also tons of water related activities that you can immerse yourself in like diving, snorkeling, and the casual swimming. There is also a dive site there which showcases the Maldives Victory, a ship that sunk back in 1981 after it hit a reef. This will also let you witness the beautiful life in the sea, i.e. the colorful fish and the fresh coral. 2.     So Many Islands to Explore Your kids will get so excited because of the fact that they will have 1,190 islands to explore in Maldives, especially if they are the adventurous kind. The best part is that only about 200 of these islands are inhabited by people. The rest are just pure nature. While exploring, you can also take your children to local market places and make them meet the locals there who are all really friendly. 3.     The Resorts Maldives-ResortEach and every resort in Maldives is extremely beautiful, and the site will attract your kids instantly. All of these resorts will be situated either on or right next to the sea, featuring their own set of pools and luxuries. These resorts will make your kids have a really good time in Maldives, so much so that they will never want to leave. 4.     Watching Whales And Dolphins DolphinYour kids will most likely love watching over 21 different species of whales and dolphins situated there. They range from the acrobatic spinner dolphin to the big blue whale. Spinner dolphins are more common. These creatures could be experienced up close and that is something that you kids will never forget. Whales and dolphins are also very friendly and this will likely keep your children highly entertained. Plus, the crystal clear waters in Maldives make this whale and dolphin watching activity a lot more fun. Apart from the spinner dolphins and the blue whales, you might also get to see a handful of striped dolphins, spotted dolphins, and dwarf sperm whales. 5.     Riding The Whale Submarine whale-submarineThis whale submarine will give your kids a chance to see the underwater life up close. This would include the different fishes and the beautiful coral reef. The trip will be for around 45 minutes, the crew will take you around 35 meters into the sea where you will be able to get a comprehensive view of the underwater life. However, your kids should be at least four years of age to enjoy this since children who are three years old or younger are not allowed to travel in the whale submarine. 6.     Cycling Let your kids indulge in some cycling while they are in the Maldives. Cycling will give them a great chance to spend some time away from the beach and check out the wildlife that is around the hotels you are staying in. it is also a fun exercise, especially if you get a chance to do it with the people that you love. 7.     Rides In The Planes And Yacht Your transfers to resorts will most likely happen in a plane or a yacht. This is something that your children will really look forward to and this is also a great way for them to be welcomed on this island. You children would especially love seeing and being on a yacht is they have never been on one before. Related : Things To Do In Maldives On Your Honeymoon 8. The Ultimate Peace And Relaxation maldives-beachMaldives will provide you and your kids with the ultimate peace and relaxation as they can unwind, enjoy themselves and spend time bonding with you. This vacation will provide your family with some quality bonding time in the truest essence and will be great for families who do not get to spend enough quality time due to their busy and hectic schedules. 9.     Night Diving Maldives also offers the opportunity to dive at night to see how breathtakingly different the reefs can look at night. You will then also be able to look at some of the underwater creatures which you cannot otherwise see in the sunlight. However, the warm glow of the night will instantly make them visible to you. Also, the magic of the sea completely changes when you get a chance to dive in it at night. The corals will open up and have their flower like tentacles extended as the evening approaches. The shrimps and spiders will also be visible leaving their sponges to go look for food. However, visibility might be significantly reduced to a torch that you will be holding. 10. The Wonderful Electric Neon Blue Water This is a natural phenomenon that is visible in Maldives at night due to bioluminescence. It happens because a microorganism present within the sea gets disturbed from oxygen, and this disturbance causes the bacteria to glow at night, thereby causing a beautiful effect. When your kids see it, they will become ecstatic and relate the sea to the starry night sky. Maldives is a beautiful island, and it will be even more beautiful if you spend time there with your entire family. Let your kids have some fun on this beautiful island surrounded by the sea and allow them to immerse themselves in the wonderful activities that Maldives has to offer. They will surely remember this trip for the rest of their lives and would likely want to visit again sometime in the future.
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