Sentosa – ( Entrance of Sentosa island in Singapore )

6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Sentosa Island of Singapore

“Where the borders are open for everyone but closed for boredom. This is Sentosa, the state of fun.”This is how Sentosa Island situated in Singapore describes itself, and believe me it abides by the words when it says “the state of fun”. Sentosa Island is the best place for a vacation with your kids. It stores various fun filled places for family trips. From beautiful beaches to adventure parks it has everything you can think of in a dream place. ‘Sentosa’ actually means peace and tranquility in Malay. There are many places in Sentosa to explore. Apart from beautiful destinations there are various luxurious things which you just can’t miss once in Sentosa. Lets have a look at what Sentosa preserves for us!  1. Sentosa Nature Discovery sentosa-nature-discoveryAs soon as you will enter the doors of nature discovery, you will realize that you are in the lap of mother nature surrounded by green and its exquisite beauty. In your journey through this park you will meet different form of wild and beautiful species. Overall this place is a learning experience along with fun.  2. SEA Aquarium SEA_AquariumWelcome to the world’s largest aquarium. Get ready for your jaw drop moment when you enter this place. It contains almost 100,000 inhabitants giving you a wonderful insight. It’s a blue magical world of some beautiful species. You must bring your children to this blue covered planet. 3. Brilliant Beaches 3.5km long stretch to stroll upon holding your beloved’s hand. And, baking yourself under sun on white sand, beaches on Sentosa Island would never disappoint you. Even children are happy because they have variety of options. From collecting sand in their buckets to making sand castles. Time slips away at such locations. 4. Special Spa Being in Sentosa and not experiencing the spa treatments provided is a shame. Getting a spa treatment from here could be the moment of your life. It’s so relaxing that it will open all the windows of your mind and soul to let the positivity and beauty flow in. The experience is enriching and once experiencing it in a lifetime is a sure-sure event. 5. Imbiah Lookout Imbiah lookout is like a magnet attracting several people. People come here because this place has a lot to offer you in a single cluster. Its famous destinations are Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, push carts at Merlion plaza, Merlion shop and cable car station. Here luxury has wrapped the fun within itself and places like insect kingdom are a treat to our mind and eyes. 6. An Adventure Park adventure-parkNot only one but Sentosa has many adventure parks for you and your family. The best part of these adventure parks is that some of them give you a panoramic view of Sentosa island. They have many adventurous activities in store which you can try with your family. Cherish the family moments and add them into your happy moment’s diary! So, a trip to Sentosa of Singapore could be a trip for lifetime because this place which has something for every kind of person. From a wildlife lover to a nature enthusiast and from a family man to a honeymoon couple everyone has different things in store for their own specific taste. Sentosa is a place worth exploring. It is more of like nature wrapped in folds of luxury. Related:  Top Places to Visit in Singapore
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