What to Wear in Maldives: Everything a female traveller needs to Know

maldivesMaldives is very small Island nation with turquoise and deep blue waters surrounding the islands, coral reefs adorning the unparalleled underwater glory and a serene atmosphere to top it allmaking it one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world for honeymoon. To make the most out of your Maldives trip, it is important to understand Maldives more closely, especially if you are a woman or you are travelling with female partner(s). 1. Maldivian Culture and Norms Maldives is an Islamic State which implies restriction in the way a woman is allowed to dress up. The general norm is to keep you covered till your knees and elbows. But it has been observed because of the country becoming a significant tourist destination, if you wear anything that covers your shoulders and knees, its pretty much good to go! Plunging necklines is again a strict no-no. While all this is more of a norm in the inhabited insides of the countries, it is okay to wear mostly everything while on an uninhabited beach resort (but its important that you do )  2. Beach-Delight Attire Keeping all the Maldivian Norms in mind, it is still possible to chill out, relax and of course look good. Don’t worry you still have a lot of options to go but whatever you choose make sure its very light weight considering the tropical weather of Maldives when you’ll feel too tempted to shed off clothes. The middle way is to find some light weight fabric and loose fitting attire. Tank top with a shrug/cardigan looks like a great option. For underpants, loose thai/genie style pants are also good to go. attireIf you are thinking about wearing a long loose skirt, its fine if you are able to carry it in the wild blowing winds and if you are okay about raising a few eyebrows. So you know what I mean. On a serious note, you can wear a long skirt if you are not going to a beach and just exploring the insides of Maldives. Easy washability is another criterion that you should consider if you don’t want to load a lot of stuff. Even if you do, taking out sand particles from heavy denim-like material will be a problem in future.  3. Floating Footwear While flip-flops top most lists for the best footwear fit for the beach, there are new ones in trend that you would like to try for both comfort and style. A little high on style and comfort, Crocs have been my personal favourite as beach footwear but sand-penetration ability of standard crocs is something I don’t seem to like so much. They have recently come up with some new designs and styles which you would like to try. footwearEven floaters are a nice option to try. Stylish single strap sandals, printed flat sandals and thong sandals takes care of style and comfort both. For general strolling around the city, I personally prefer closed shoes and flat ballerinas to look and feel the best. I know it’s a little inconvenient to get all dressed and cover up to avoid unwanted troubles but I tell you it's so much worth it. The magnificent beauty of Maldives will take you so much by awe and you surely would not like to spoil such a trip by not taking care of some little things. Also, if you are visiting an uninhabited island resort, you are all on your way to ultimate bliss! Related: How to Travel Maldives on Budget
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