7 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

The silicon city of India was once a popular travel destination! Yes, it is none other Bangalore, the city brimming with life! If you need a quick break and planning for a weekend holiday, Bangalore serves the hub of numerous attractions featuring offering themes and moods. Whether it is a team outing or a romantic getaway, adventurous outing or fun filled holiday, unwinding nature or exotic wildlife, you can choose from the assortment of weekend getaways from Bangalore. Bangalore is full of versatile rivering jaunts to indulge. Listing out the top 7 weekend getaways from Bangalore that awaits your arrival, plan, explore and enjoy!

1. Coorg – Adventurous River Rafting -

Coorg river raftingImage Source

Misty mountains, cold breezy wind, sizzling location and serene atmosphere, Coorg is the fascinating combo of hills and forests. Coorg tranquilizers you with its breathtaking ambiance and invigorates with plenty of adventurous activities. If you wish to indulge in a bold and daring adventure with lots of and excitement, choose nothing but the White water rafting at Coorg! You can almost spend a whole day with traces of boring in this misty hilly Coorg! The river glides through the blissful serenity of lush green mountains, aromatic spice gardens and breathtaking coffee plantations, with highs and lows, twists and turns!

The river rafting is for everyone from newbie to river raft enthusiasts! You will be provided hands-on training and accompanied by an expert rafter. Cost of rafting: INR 1200 /- per person Duration: minimum of 2 hours Distance: 270 kms from Bangalore (plan for two days if you wish to explore other flavors of Coorg)

Website: http://www.paradisecoorg.com/COORG_RAFTING/coorg_white_water_rafting.html

2. Lepakshi – A Lesser Known Treasure to Cherish -

lepakshiImage Source

If you find yourself too lazy to go on or plan for some adventure getaway, just drive you and drive to the Lepakshi, a lesser known treasure to cherish. India houses precious gems depicting the architectural brilliance and astounding artwork of the bygone era! Lepakshi is one such historical, archeological and architectural marvel! Don’t miss the lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. Even if you start around late morning, you can explore this archeological site and return back in the evening. A quick relaxing drive, coupled with visiting a least populated destination. Located in a small village, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Veerabadhra. The Nandi bull is the major attraction of Lepakshi! It is made of a single granite stone. The temple dates back to 13th century. Cost: INR 1000 /- per person Distance: 120 km

3. Chill-out at Nandi Hills -

Nandi Hills BangalorImage Source

Chill out on a lazy weekend, drive your way to Nandi Hills. In less than 2 hours of drive, you can reach this pretty picturesque hill station from Bangalore. Don’t miss capturing the essence of the scenic beauty in your cameras. Alternatively, you can drive to Nandi Hills early in the morning and capture the beauty in the golden rays of sun! You can also plan for a wine tour in the Nandi Hills. Experience the art of wine making , visit the vine yards and chase away your work blues. Cost of wine tour – INR 700 per person Distance: 60 kms Website: http://grovervineyards.in/

4. Anthargange – Mystical Caves and Hummocks -

anthargangeImage Source

If you are mad at trekking and thrive to explore something wild and adventurous, choose Anthargange. The rocky hill makes the best bet for trekking lovers. Anthargange, formed by volcanic rocks, is secured and nestled with caves and hillocks in different sizes and shapes. It is a night trek. Explore the nocturnal caving and trekking experiences, you have ever experienced. Cost: INR 1100 per person Distance: 80 kms Website: http://www.karnataka.com/kolar/anthargange/

5. Majestic Mysore -

mysore palaceImage Source

Not sure what to choose from plenty of weekend getaways? Just drive to Mysore, aka Mysuru, a popular getaway from Bangalore. From Mysore Palace, Brindavan garden, Mysore Zoo, Krishna Raja sagara dam, you have plenty of attractions you have a relaxing weekend. Mysore Palace:

Opening and closing 10 am to 5.30 pm

Entry Fee: Rs. 40 /- per adult (free entrance for children upto 10 years of age) Website: http://www.mysorepalace.gov.in/Mysore_Palace_Timings.htm

Brindavan Gardens

Opening and closing 6.30 am to 9 pm Entry Fee: Rs. 15 /- per adult, Rs. 5 /- per child (free entrance for children upto 5 years of age) Website: http://www.horticulture.kar.nic.in/brindavan.htm

6. Wonder La -

wonder laImage Source

A complete adventure awaits your arrival at Wonder La!. The breathtaking amusement park is full of adventure, thrill, fun and excitement. If you are too stressed, give yourself a lavish retreat. During Weekdays - Regular Tickets - Adult : Rs. 860 /- Child: Rs. 560 /- Fastrack Tickets - Adult : Rs. 1720 /- Child: Rs. 1330 /- During Weekends - Regular Tickets - Adult : Rs. 1060 /- Child: Rs. 800 /- Fastrack Tickets - Adult : Rs. 2120 /- Child: Rs. 1600 /- Timings: 11 am to 6 pm on weekdays, up to 7 pm on weekends Website: http://www.wonderla.com/bangalore-amusement-park/

7. Murudeshwara – An Exotic Divinity -

Lord_Shiva_statue_at_MurudeshwaraImage Source

Murudeshwara, the hill station appears as manifestation of Lord Shiva! It is a pure bliss to visit! The architectural intricacy nestled with natural backdrop indeed an immense pleasure. Although it is a religious site, Murudeshwara offers plenty of exciting activities. Scuba diving is a popular activity! If you love long drive, then Murudeshwara is your right choice. Cost: around INR 600 per person Distance: 450 kms
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