Water Sports Activities In Mauritius

Top 10 Water Sports Activities In Mauritius

Going out for the most happening experience in Mauritius then trying your hand with some of the amazing activities is all about fun and adventure. Water Sports activities are a must to try in Mauritius as without them there is no trip at all.

1. Scuba Diving :-

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Get ready to rejuvenate yourself with the serene underwater atmosphere as well as make yourself glittery with the awesome marine life. The Scuba diving activity in Mauritius is one of the most fantastic as well as memorable activity that you can experience.

Places :- Colorado and Roche Zozo

Cost :- 25 to 35 US Dollars per person

2. Snorkelling :-

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There is so much of fun as well as memorable moments to experience the underwater life in Mauritius. From coral reefs to pretty fishes you are able to get the glimpse of lot of amazing things while you are on with your activity.

Places :- Blue Bay Marine Park, Trou aux Biches

Cost :- Around 30 US Dollars per person

3. Parasailing :-

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What a beautiful activity that will take you both in the waters as well as over the sea in the air where you can sail through like a bird of free will and compassion. A superb activity to do while you are experiencing the thrills of the vast ocean waters.

Places :- Grand Baie, Ile Aux Cerfs

Cost :- 25 to 39 US Dollars per person

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4. Cave Sea Kayaking :-

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Quite an easy water sport activity to carry out in the waters of Mauritius which will take you through the caves as well as unexplored islands that will make you cherish the hideouts and also add a glory to your travel. The amazing thing is that you can carry out the activity without anyone’s help and all by yourself.

Cost :- Around 80 US Dollars per person

5. Catamaran Cruise :-

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From breathtaking views to sun and drinks everything you can enjoy a tour to Catamaran Cruise and can make yourself one of the most happening person who will be able to make you rejoice to the fullest.

Cost :- Starting from 29 US Dollars per person

6. Water Skiing :-

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Have a great adrenaline rush down your body with this awesome activity while you have a control over the waters rushing against you. One of the awesome adventure that you can take for yourself while exploring waters in great Mauritius zones.

Cost :- Around 54 US Dollar per person

7. Surfing :-

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Get the real waves dancing on your commands while carrying out the best within you .The surfing activity can be best done over the Tamarin Bay  during the months of October to May. All you need to have is your own self to enjoy these superb activities.

Cost :- Around 20 US Dollars per person

8. Sea Plane :-

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Have you ever experienced a joyful ride of airplane over the water? Well, Mauritius is all about taking you to ride of 30-60 minutes across the sea in the private sea plane which will take off from land and will come down over the sea.

Cost :- Around190 US Dollars per person for 30 minutes

9. Underwater Sea Walk :-

underwater sea walkImage - cloudfront

How about walking down under the water with a perfect amount of space to experience the great amount of warmth of the marine life. Though you might get little scared with the aquatic animals by simply brushing against you, yet it will be one of the amazing activity that you can carry out with your partner in Mauritius.

Cost  :- Around 42 US Dollar per person

10. Sea Hover :-

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Are you craving for some of the awesome fun that will give you a bounty rejoice and will get you some of the happening experiences over the waters to beat out the adrenaline gush at the junkie cost of the happiness as well as amazing demeanour.

Cost :- Around 157 US Dollar

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