The Genting Highlands With Your kids

Top 9 Reasons To Visit The Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Do you love to have maximum amount of fun and entertainment on your visit to Malaysia? Well if the answer is yes then you should definitely go on the trip to the Genting Highlands. It is an awesome experience both if you are travelling with your loved one or with your family of kids. The mesmerizing bus ride filled the foggy atmosphere all around will just rejuvenate you with the holiday spirit.

Apart from it there are more reasons to visit the place. Here are some of the reason given below:

1. Enter into the world of casinos :-

casinoImage - keralahangouts The first and the major reason to visit the place is to try out your hand into gambling. You can make some good amount of money by visiting the famous casinos of the place. Get yourself entrenched with some of the awesome gambling games.

2. Have a thrilling fun on the rides in the Indoor Theme Park :-

rides in the Indoor Theme ParkImage - davidandfamily The world’s first indoor theme park at Genting Highlands offers great amount of exclusive family rides where you can enjoy your time with your kids. From the train to the Santa Claus ride of the float one can enjoy their hand on the fun filled rides and can also view lot of attractions.

3. Relive your childhood memories with the cable car ride :-

cable car rideImage - telegraph Get an amazing experience of the cable car ride that lasts for about half an hour. The view is simply spectacular and an embarking one. Though it can be little scary to watch down but it will give you an adventurous experience.

4. Go for a walk in the world of strawberries at the Genting Strawberry Leisure Park :-

genting strawberryImage - innamag If you are an ardent lover of strawberry then this place is the most suitable option for you to have a visit. The strawberry plants are all grown in the rows. You can buy a souvenir from the place. One can also buy fresh strawberry jam, flower vases, dried fruits of strawberry etc.

5. Infuse the adventurous spirit by trekking :-

adventurous trekkingImage - flickr It is the best mountainous place where you can go for trekking and hiking with your partner or with your friends. You can enjoy the cold weather and abundance of flora over here.

6. Shop to the fullest :-

shopping in genting highlandImage - gentingpermairesort The best thing for the shopaholics is that the things are quite economical as well as cheap. You can get the large varieties of fashionable clothes, beautiful artistic things etc at a very less rates as compared to shopping at other places.

7. Treat your taste buds with the delicious food :-

delicious foodImage - flickr As food is one of the basic thing that on a trip is necessary. This place will have you get the best food all across the world. There are lot of varieties of different places of food. This place helps you get the yummiest food all over.

8. Get a feel of spirituality and art at the Chin Swee Cave Temple  :-

Chin Swee Cave TempleImage - flickr

Genting is not just a place where you can only have thrill but you can also experience the serenity and the Chinese architecture by visiting the sacred Chin Swee Cave temple. The atmosphere of the place is really calm and peaceful at this place and is free from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

9. Get yourself a funny entertainment in the circus :-

three_clownsImage - trekearth If you are on the trip with your family or with your beloved then you can have a fun filled experience in the juggling world of clowns and can give your senses a fresh retreat. Get enthralled with the circus and have an exhilarating experience.
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