Vacations That are Perfect For Your Second Honeymoon

Quite certainly, your honeymoon should not be your last vacation as an official couple. Even more certainly, the spark in your relationship should not fade away. And if work is what keeps you bothat bay, it’s time to plan a vacation. A second honeymoon. For we all need the time with our beloved that our busy lives might not otherwise offer. Here are a few ideas for the perfect second honeymoon: 1. Go Backpacking: backpackingSeriously, nothing gets better than getting close to nature. And the best thing about backpacking is that you can be all by yourselves. With your voices echoing down the valleys and the horizon being the limit, this might just be the perfect getaway with your beau to revive the magic that makes up you both!  2. Get on a Cruise: cruiseNow, if it has been really hard for the both of you to spend some quality time with each other, this is one vacation that will be memorable. Get on a cruise and let the sailors do the rest as the both of you can enjoy a vacation that you will never forget!  3. Go Abroad: AbroadIf your honeymoon was in the subcontinent, this is the perfect time to have a trip abroad. There are many choices to select your destination of choice and settling on one won’t be a difficult task. Go on, explore the world, as all of us dream to when young! And with your love by your side, it won’t be short on awesomeness!  4. Book a Private Villa: villaThis might just take you back to your honeymoon days. Do not hesitate to splurge a bit on this idea! Rent a private villa and spend your time together in ultimate luxury, away from the far-cry of your daily routine!  5. Take The All Inclusive Route: All-inclusiveIf sitting down and enjoying the ride is your way for a perfect vacation, this is for you. Plan everything in your own way and let the things flow. Select your destination and the time and leave the rest to the best in the business. Both of you just sit back and enjoy!  6. A Road Trip To The Countryside:  roadtripIf you enjoy long drives in the evening with the company of that one person in your life, this is the ideal vacation that you can ask for. The weekend will just get better if you disconnect with the rest of the world and go on a trip on the roads, beside the person of your life with nothing but the endless greenery on both sides!  7. Staycation: staycationMany a times, a day or two with your beloved isn’t enough. So, a staycation is the best option for you folks! Plan maybe a week or even a longer duration with your better half and relive your good days all over again. With no one to disturb you in your moments and a plethora of time with each other, this might just be the perfect vacation you could have ever asked for! If you had been waiting for the opportune moment, this is it! This is the much awaited you and partner needs. Even if you see each other every other day and spend time together on weekends like a religious married couple, its time for both of you to give yourself a change from the regular monotony.
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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