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8 Most Exquisite and Unusual Beaches of World

“Your foot feels the foot when it feels the ground”~ Gautama Buddha Feel your feet sinking in the wet sand and with every imprint of your foot leave your worriesbehind you. Once in a lifetime let yourself bask in the glory of a beach. Let the gusty wind find its way through your loose hair(Nothing could be more filmy than this!). Bake yourself under the sun(Sun tan is the new sexy!).  1. Glass Beach, California Glass-Beach1 Who knew dumping garbage can turn into something so unique and beautiful. Serving as dumping ground for almost 65 years, the waters cleared everything except the glass and pottery resulting in these colourful glasses. 2. Socotra island, Yemen- Jewel of biodiversity! socotraWelcome to an island having something as interesting as a “dragon’s blood tree”. This tree is an opulent possession of this island located in Arabian Sea. Socotra beaches boast its rich flora and fauna. Its beaches are UNESCO world heritage site. 3. Navagio beach, Greece Navagio beach, Greece Famous as shipwreck beach located in Zakyntos island, Zante. The cliffs of Navagio beach engulf you in the perfectly proportioned warm embrace. The perfectly cool water compliments the perfectly warm sand giving you complete spa-like relaxation. 4. 17 Mile beach, Baruda island 17 Mile beach, Baruda islandCrystal clear water and pink sand beaches as far as your eye reaches. Sounds beautiful no? You can walk through the length of this paradise and you may not find a single soul except you. The baby blue water of the beach holds the majestic power to catch you in the place for hours.  5. Holbox island Holbox islandLocated in northern coast of Yucatan peninsula, holbox island is one of the secluded beaches of this earth. Escape this world for the search of yourself and who knows you will find your soul here in nature’s lap. Less tourism makes this place a peaceful venture for you.  6. Whitehaven beach, Australia Whitehaven beach, AustraliaBestowed with rich titles like “World’s top eco-friendly beach” and “the most beautiful beach of Queensland”. But this beach is much more than its titles. 7km stretch along Whitsunday island it defines the nature at its best. At the northern end this beach preserves a hill inlet, stunning cove where the tide shifts the sand and water to create a beautiful fusion of colors.  7. Kealia beach Kealia beachHawai Kealia’s long stretch of white sand beach is a great spot for beach strolling and whale watching during the winter months. Kealia Beach is a popular beach for surfing and is subject to open ocean swell and wind swell. The north end of the beach on calmer days provides the possibility for swimming and boogie boarding.  8. Canon beach, Oregon Canon beach, OregonNational Geographic placed it under 100 most beautiful places. Indeed it is, without any doubt. Nestled between the majestic pacific ocean and the coast range this place is no less than a magic. Visit beaches and lose yourself and maybe you will meet your -> self !! Because beaches are tailor-made to escape you to another world. Add some more unbelievable moments in your diary. Related: 7 Health Reasons To Unplug To A Beach Vacation
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