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8 Unthinkable Places To Find Your Escape In India

Working all along makes jack a dull boy! So may be its time to take a break and give yourself the required vacation. But going to the usual places is not your cup of tea? Here is a list of unthinkableplaces that you might want to explore to forget the daily hustle-bustle and give your mind and body, a break!  1. GANDIKOTA, ANDHRA PRADESH gandikotaIf you are an adventurer and the Grand Canyon is a bit far for you to reach, worry not. Smaller but equally beautiful, this is one place that merits a visit in every traveler wish list. The canyon, cut by the Pennar river is surrounded by serene and quiet villages with inhabitants who welcome you for your adventure of a lifetime. 2. LOKTAK LAKE, MANIPUR loktak-lakeThe largest freshwater lake in east India, Loktak Lake is one of the many natural marvels that Manipur showcases. A famous picnic spot within Manipur, it is known to a very less extent to the mainland inhabitants. With picturesque locations on its banks, it has an unique natural phenomenon that makes some of the landmass float on the surface of water.  3. TOSH, HIMACHAL PRADESH Tosh ValleyThis place is for the ones with a feel for the substance. Yes. If Kasol is now full of people, and you want some peace of mind, Tosh is the place to be. Connected to the rest of the world by only by a wooden bridge, Tosh is a place that is happily untouched by modernity. Known for surprising people, many times with the substances, Tosh makes you feel like being in a different era altogether. Hippie or not, this is one place that you must visit.  4. ATHIRAPILLI FALLS, KERALA Athirapally_fallsOften called “The Niagra of India”, this beautiful waterfall in Kerala is a treat for the eyes. No wonder, it was featured in Dil se and Guru for its picturesque setting. Surrounded by lush green hills and a forest wildlife that is an envy for national parks, this place will amaze you no end.  5. BINSAR, UTTARAKHAND binsar-wildlife-sanctuaryThis is a hill station that does not exist. There is no settlement or town named Binsar. No house, no hut here- just the forest reserve. Perched on the top of JhandiDhar hills, this is a notified forest reserve that is an epitome of solitude, quietness and natural beauty for today’s traveler.  6. GOKARNA, KARNATAKA gokarnaA perfect place for an idyllic vacation by the sea, Gokarna welcomes you with blue seas and clean sands and a touch of silence and serenity. The Om Beach here is a must visit place here, the beach resembling the Sanskrit symbol for invocation.  7. KAAS PLATEAU, SATARA kaas-plateauAlso called ‘Valley of Flowers’ by many, this plateau in Maharashtra will definitely amaze you not only with its beautiful flowers but also the more than amazing landscape. Situated nearby is the thoseghar waterfalls that provides a different touch to this region of flowers of myriad colors and the beautiful hills. A walk in these colorful fields will definitely be a walk to remember.  8. PANGONG TSO, LADAKH pangong-lakeA disputed territory, the Line of Actual Control passes through this land locked salt lake. This high altitude lake is widely known for its scenic beauty and the controversy of possession between India and China. It freezes completely during the winters and this sight will send a chill down your spine for sure. And yes, you are right if you guessed that 3 Idiots ended here. So here you have the most exquisite places to have a pleasant and beautiful time of your life to discover the real you who is beyond the roles that you play for the people around you. These places will not just awe your senses but might take you to a journey beyond them! Bon Voyage! Related:  8 Unexplored Destinations In India
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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