10 Best Tree Houses in India

Deep down the woods surrounded by lush green forests, I have always dreamt of my abode on a treetop away from all the worries of work and life. I am sure you have dreamt about it too at leastonce in your life! May not be for rest of your life but you can absolutely take a break and live in a treetop house. Here are some of the best treetop resorts and hotels found exclusively in India. 1. Rainforest Resort, Athirapally Falls, Kerala rainforest resort athirapallySet against the Athirapally Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Kerala, this is like a fantasy home. Built specially by a Swiss Architect, this treetop resort is surrounded by exquisite rain forests. The thought itself makes me drool!  2. Vythiri Resort, Kerala vythiriLiterally buried in the middle of the jungle, this is the most desi treetop resort having handcrafted by the local tribe of the area using the indigenous material. Yes there is more coming! This resort has special Ayurvedic Spa, swimming pool, games centre and health club!  3. Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh tree house hideawayYes you read it right! The Bandhavgarh National Park, the best place to see the Tigers has a treetop house. You can actually see the ‘wild’-life moving below your little abode! And luxury comes at its best(with its cost of course) in the very exotic Tree House Hideaway.  4. Tree House Resort, Rajasthan tree house resort jaipur‘Luxurious nature’ is what I call this tree-top house. One of the biggest treetop resorts in the world, this place has all of your Wi-Fi, Plasma TV screens, fully air-conditioned rooms along with the best of views of natural beauty around!  5. Manali Tree House Cottages, Himachal Pradesh Manali CottagesAbout 30 minutes from Manali, you have this really cute and amazing treetop cottage run by a family. It’s a huge oak tree surrounded by beautiful orchards and fields. It’s more of a home away from home where you have home-cooked meals and friendly hosts.  6. The Himalayan Village, Himachal Pradesh himalayan villageEquipped with ayurvedic spa, sauna, rain showers, bar, restaurant, king-size beds, study rooms, dressing rooms, this treetop resort is perched at 50-60 feet all made from wood and stone. And yes, being in the Himalayan Region(the pristine Parvati Valley to be specific), the location is breathtakingly beautiful!  7. Safariland Tree House Resort, Tamil Nadu safari landLocated in the gorgeous blue mountains with whole wildlife around, its like the most spectacular, exciting, adventurous and beautiful experience. The beauty of Nilgiris will take you by awe!  8. The Machan, Maharashtra the machanAround two and a half hour drive from Mumbai, if you are one those big metro workaholics, this is the best place to take a break! Set in the tropical forests of western ghat mountains with 5 kms of specialised trekking field, this place is totally worth a visit!  9. Nature Zone Resort, Tamil Nadu nature zone resortAround 30 minutes from the main Munnar town, this place is one hell of an experience. The resort has their own naturalists and wildlife experts to guide you about the amazing forests you are surrounded by!  10. Shola Periyar Tree House, Kerala-Tamil Nadu Border shola periyarThe delightful aroma of cardamom, tea leaves, coffee and pepper and the very gorgeous rainforests, perched on a huge banyan tree will pamper all your senses and will give a distinct memory of this wonderful treetop experience! A treetop house, a paper and pen, cool breeze and a cup of tea is all I need to spend the rest of my life in absolute bliss. You can add or subtract to this list and I am sure you are thinking the same. It’s an experience you totally need to give a try!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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