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Traveling To Leh-Ladakh

Leh-Ladakh is often known as ‘Little Tibet’ because of how close it is situated to Tibet and also because it hosts a lot of the Tibetan cultural festivals. While it is a very remote part of India,Leh-Ladakh is still incomparable in its beauty. With gorgeous mountains, rocky ridges, little settlements, and colorful monasteries, along with the Indus River, this place is a mixture of all things nature and pure freshness. Leh-Ladakh will provide you with a lot of fun activities to indulge in, especially since it has emerged into a place full of adventure. From the scenic treks on the high altitude to the Indus and Zanskar river rafting, the options are truly limitless. Here are a few things that you can simply not miss out on when traveling to Leh-Ladakh: 1.     Leh Palace leh-palaceLeh Palace was built in the 16th century and overlooks the markets and lanes of the town. It is the most famous attraction there and the 9 storey Tibetan construction is owned by the royal family there. Inside the palace, you will get to see old Buddha paintings on walls and beautiful wooden balconies jutting outside along with buttresses. There is a museum inside the palace as well that displays paintings, arms, and thangkas. There is also a central prayer room consisting of religious texts on the wall linings. However, this room is usually closed. You should carry a flashlight with you if you visit since the interior of the palace is dark. 2.     Jama Masjid The beautiful mosque showcasing a great Turko-Iranian architectural combination was built in the 17th century and is situated in the Main Bazaar area. The mosque exhibits a white and green color combination and was built to show a peaceful alliance between the Mughals and the Ladakh royals. A very unique aspect of the mosque is that women are not allowed inside. 3.     Thiksey Monastery Thiksey-MonastryThis monastery is one of the most amazing Buddhist shines located within Leh-Ladakh. The architecture of the monastery is very similar to the typical style of architecture in Ladakh. The Monastery consists of many Buddha statues prayer halls, small shrines, stupas, and monastic residences along with a lot of Buddhist art. There is also an annual festival from 17th to 19th day of the 12th Tibetan Buddhist Calendar month. 4.     Hemis Gompa Hemis-FestivalThis is perhaps the largest and majestic monastery in Leh-Ladakh with beautiful views of the valleys that surround it. It is situated about 45 km from Leh and was built by the Red Hat sect of Buddhism. It consists of the largest Thangka painting in the world that depicts Guru Padmasambhava along with amazing frescoes. The painting is more that 12 meters in length. The monastery also consists of the Sakyamuni Buddha statue which is made from precious stones. A Hemis Festival also takes place here that begin at dawn. This festival incorporates masked dances, beating of drums, and blowing of long-horns. The festival lasts for two days. 5.     Stok Palace This palace overlooks the barley terraces on the mountains, is the official residence of the royal family, and is four storeys in height. It consists of a total of 77 rooms, out of which one of the wings is made open to the public to serve as a museum. A lot of artifacts, jewelry, weapons, Buddhist art, and thangka paintings using crushed precious stones have been put on display. 6.     Shanti Stupa Shanti-StupaShanti Stupa is a comparatively new landscape addition and is a beautiful white structure that was built by the Japanese Buddhist organization is order to commemorate the 2500 years of Buddhism. The inauguration was done by Dalai Lama and is one of the sights worth seeing when you visit Leh-Ladakh. The peace and serenity of this place will leave you completely speechless and amazed. 7.     Magnetic Hill magnetic-hillMagnetic hill is a popular tourist attraction in Leh-Ladakh that is situated on an elevation of approximately 14000 feet. This gravity hill is believed to have strong and great magnetic properties which pulls the cars uphill and forces the aircrafts to increase altitude so that they can escape the interference of the effect. However, scientists claim that all of this is simply caused by the optical illusion that results because of the hill. The surroundings here, however, are unspoilt which means that you can take so many beautiful pictures here. 8.     Sangam Valley sangam-valleySangam valley is situated at a 48 km drive from Leh-Ladakh and is the place where you would see a junction between the rivers Zanskar and Indus. The view of the valley is simply spectacular with each river showing its own distinctive color and hence can be distinguished from the other. Sangam valley is a great place for relaxing, enjoying, and sitting around with your friends and family members. 9.     Zanskar Valley Leh-Ladakh-old-buildingsZanskar valley is one of the coldest places inhabited in the region and it is best that it be explored on a is highly fascinating and consists of gurgling streams, sprawling vales, huge rocks, verdant meadows, and high mountain passes. The rough terrains are great for mountaineering and trekking and the rivers provide a great opportunity for white water rafting. Therefore, if you have an adventurous side to you, then this valley is a must see. The best part about the valley is that it consists of all types of terrains and landscapes, from high mountains and green pastures to dry deserts and deep gorges. These are of course some of the sights that you should see when you visit Leh-Ladakh, apart from these there are many more, which essentially goes to show just how much the region has to offer. It is something that one can simply not miss and must visit at least once in their lifetime. The exquisite natural beauty is unmatched, and a trip to Leh-Ladakh will be one full of relaxation where you will be able to unwind the most.
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