7 Best Ways To Travel Maldives on a Budget

In a place that seems as exquisite and romantically coral, travelling on a budget, Maldives seems to be a farfetched dream. It's the European couple' s honeymoon fantasy, and a place where you haveall the means to discover the place's and your beauty, together, for it not only offers you places full of wonder, but also gives you enough space to explore within. And yet, it is quite possible. 1. Local House Traveling to Maldives on a budget is far superior to staying in its luxury hotels as then you get to experience the life of the locale. It has been the recent change in the Government's regulations that have permitted the tourists to stay with the locals and gain an insight into their lives. Being unaware of this change in law, many budget travelers have no clue that this is a possibility as earlier, the only way to visit Maldives was via expensive island resorts.  2. Water Activities in Maldives To go for an excursion, the cheapest way is to book it through your guesthouse. There is wide variety of things you could do in Maldives-you could dive, snorkel, fish, or visit the sand banks, go island hopping, and if you’re lucky to be visiting during manta ray or whale shark season, you’ll be able to arrange a trip to see them as well. Snorkeling is a little pricey, but it has been quote to be the best snorkeling ever experienced. 3. Accommodation at Reasonable Prices A cheap night bungalow isn't a possibility, but a fairly clean, modern and spacious room with all necessities and luxuries is available at a reasonable price.

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 4. Local Ferries Local FerriesTraveling comes easy at a good price, if you avoid the seaplanes which are not fit for a person with a budget. Local ferries are easily available and no pricey at all. The speed boats however, are very expensive, so the better option is to arrange for a local fisherman to take you across on his boat.  5. Maldivian Food Maldivian FoodMost guesthouses offer an enormous free breakfast, and you only have to spend on lunch and dinner. The smaller the island, the lesser are the food options. Maldives offers a lot of fish based meals and everything is very reasonably priced. The local restaurants offer you the typical Maldivian food at an adequate rate. 6. Beaches BeachesYou've got the best beaches here, and you don't need funds to "beach around". The clothing restrictions however, need to be adhered to at all times, as Maldives being an Islamic state, has a strict code of functioning. You do have some tourist beaches where there is a slight laxity in rules.  7. Visit in Low Season Low season is the time to go as during the High season (starting October) the prices shoot up dramatically, and you get the quiet you've been looking for without the rush. Along with the much known beauties of the Maldives, which includes their incredible breakfasts, fascinating language and the best beaches in the world, there are certain inconveniences that include a lack of ATMs everywhere except Male, an inherent problem regarding currency exchange, infrequent ferries and the unpredictable weather. Despite the inadequacies, Maldives has succeeded in becoming a much loved tourist destination and before you decide to visit the place, do decide on the islands, because they are not so similar as they seem, after all!

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