Adventure Activities in Ladakh

Top 7 Adventure Activities in Ladakh

Amidst the serenity and peaceful regime, Ladakh stands out to be the most adventurous destination in India. It is a land of passes, monasteries and trekking. You are able to find amazing adventure activities over here that you can do with your friends. A traveler’s paradise Ladakh is all about fun and frolic. With the freezing waters and snow-capped mountains get yourself entrenched into a number of activities.

Here are top 7 Adventure Activities in Ladakh:

1. Marka Valley Camping Trek :- Marka Valley Camping TrekImage - markhavalleytrek

An amazing and popular adventure trek in the highlands of Leh and Ladakh. It helps in bringing out the great experience of local inhabitant life. Sensational and majestic Himalayan mountains will make you lucky enough to spot the wildlife at some of the high altitudes.

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2. River Rafting Expedition :- River Rafting ExpeditionImage - ladakh-leh-tours

Travel through the remote hilly terrains accompanied with the tribal settlements and set in the atmosphere of dense forests, you can easily enjoy in the waters of the Brahmaputra river with some of the awesome experiences of the lifetime and give yourself a complete blend of happiness. The river rafting expedition starts in the area near to the line of control from China.

3. Camel Safari :- camel safariImage - lehladakhtours

How amusing it is to try out the camel ride on the sand dunes amidst the mountains. It’s like a dream coming true when you have to enjoy yourself to the fullest while traveling across the mountains on the back of a camel. You can get this adventure at Hunder in Ladakh and can make yourself a comfortable one.

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4. Playing Polo :- Playing PoloImage - rimoexpeditions

One of the most popular sport that one can usually play on the Leh Polo ground. Over the Zanskari ponies with 6 men in a team riding across the ground is a great sight both for the onlookers as well as the players. During the Ladakh festival a lot of tournaments are also organized for the tourists.

5. Try out the Adventure of Archery :- Archery LehImage - groundreport

Being one of the traditional sport of Leh and Ladakh, there are lot of archery contests that are held in various villages that one cross by during the trip. As a tourist and adventure enthusiast you are able to get the glimpse as well as your hand over singing, dancing, carousing as well as getting into the cultural regime of the people of Ladakh.

6. Mountain Bike Expedition :- Mountain Bike ExpeditionImage - combadi

The best activity to do on your trip to Ladakh is to get along on the mountain bike. It is the best adventurous activity that one can undergo with extreme amount of happiness. Ladakh is famous among the bike riders who go along well with the fellow companions and enjoy themselves to the fullest with extra amount of happiness. You can get the bikes on rental and enjoy the best time of your life.

7. Kayaking :- KayakingImage - outdoorinterlaken

Get yourself thrilled in the white waters of the river with the Kayaking activity which is quite exclusive to Ladakh. Simply grab all the paddles and like a wanderer explore the pristine waters of the falls and on your expedition you might get an interaction with the elephant as well as hippos.

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