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Tips For Luxury Travel on Budget

Something everyone wants to do but only very less people manage is travelling in luxury. Many factors determine the outcome of your luxury during a travel, mainly the place where you live in tothe place you are travelling to and most importantly the planning of the whole trip. Here are some simple tips to make your travel luxuriously beautiful in the whole essence of it. 1. Plan everything! It’s not that traveling is just your or my hobby. A lot of people indulge in this noble and enriching affair. And that is why, if you want an edge above the rest in terms of luxury or any other aspect for that matter, a solid planning is very necessary. From selecting the place you are visiting to the route you are taking to advance bookings of travel and hotels, everything should be well planned if you want your trip to be a cosy joyride!  2. Budget first. While many take it the wrong way, it is always sensible to set a budget for any trip first and then work backwards. It is an important part of planning to know how much you wish to spend on a certain travel plan. That way, your expectations are met and also you save a lot more than going all out without a plan in mind. Undoubtedly, if you know what you are doing, the comfort and the luxury will not elude you!  3. Research!!! PlanningKnowing about the place you are visiting is an important prerequisite for any traveller. It is always necessary to learn about the place you are going to visit. That way, you will know what to spend on and also all the nitty-gritties of the place, from short routes of travel in that place to the best places to eat and stay under your budget.  4. Timing the time perfectly. TimingThere are always seasons to visit a particular place. One would not like to see Manali sans the snow or Goa sand the sun, right? But, another aspect of travelling is to find the sweet spot between the best time to be there and the worst. That is when it’s neither off or on season. With fewer travellers, it is always likely to get a huge discount (sometimes even 50-60%) in the best of hotels. Which means, you will be able to stay in the best of hotels, which might be otherwise outside your budget, but now you can afford them because there is less amount of people visiting them.  5. Being updated. All the points above boils down to one single point- stay updated. While planning a travel, it is imperative to learn all the things needed to learn about that place. It helps not only in effective cost cutting but also in adding a sense of luxury and satisfaction laces with cosiness and satisfaction during the whole time of travel. More so, when you come back, it will leave you with warm memories never to be forgotten. It’s true, some hard work in planning before a trip makes you live an eternity with good memories. Happy travelling!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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