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10 tips to follow when visiting Hong Kong’s Disneyland

If you are a Disney lover, you have to try out the Disney Land at Hong Kong. While not as massive as its American counterpart, the Disneyland at Hong Kong has been one of the major attractions in the world, ever since its inauguration in 2005. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow, when you come here.

1. Duration -

disneyland-toystoryAlways try to visit the theme park for a period of 2 days at least. With every passing year, more attractions are added here by the management (recent ones being Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land). Give yourself enough time to go ride-hopping, enjoying the food at the various restaurants and trying out all the major attractions here.

2. Timing -

timing early morningThe timing of your visit can help you immensely at Hong Kong Disneyland. Though the park opens at 10AM local time, not many visitors are around this early. Go there right when the park opens in order to avoid long queues. People start coming in to the park only by the afternoon. Finish off some of the major rides by then.

3. Never visit on weekends -

ra-disneyland crowdIf you really want to enjoy the rides in a relaxing manner, try to visit the park only on weekdays. During weekends, you will find crowds everywhere – hotels, restaurants, rides, ticket counters etc. Even during the weekdays, post afternoon or early evening, there is a steady stream of visitors coming in to the park.

4. Annual Passes -

annual pass disney land hongkongIf you are looking to save some money while you come to Hong Kong Disneyland, you have to purchase an annual pass. If you are travelling with a family of 3, ensure that at least one of the tickets are in the form of annual pass. The price is indeed higher than the normal ticket; however, by investing in this, you can save a great deal through discounts at hotels and restaurants that are part of the Disney franchise.

5. Character greetings can be put off -

Character HongKong DisneylandHong Kong Disneyland is full of characters coming out of everywhere. It is indeed natural for you and the kidsto feel excited to go and hug Mickey or Minnie; however don’t make it your priority. Try to focus on the rides right from the time you enter till about early evening when the crowd starts trickling in. Once people start coming in and queues for rides start getting longer, you can always come back to greet these characters.

6. Enjoy the shows -

festival of the lion kingHong Kong Disneyland is not just about the rides. Make sure you enjoy the shows as well here. You will not regret your decision at all. Take your kid along for the “Festival of the Lion King” show, to know what kind of fun and excitement is hidden here!

7. Local transport -

crowded-mtrPrivate cars are better than MTR (Mass transit railway) from the airport, as the former takes you to your destination faster than the latter.

8. Pram Facility -

pram facilityPram facilities are available at the park; however use them only if it is absolutely necessary for your kids. The seat quality of these prams is not that great and they cannot be made to recline, making it uncomfortable for kids.

9. Tea and snacks -

Hong-Kong-DisneylandWhile you are in Hong Kong Disneyland, do not miss out the high tea served at the cafes here. Being a part of the English colony till the 1990s, Victorian high tea with some lip-smacking snacks tastes like heaven here.

10. Top Attractions -

firework disneylandIf due to the huge crowds, you are not able to try out all the rides, make it a point that you cover some of the top rides like Fireworks, Fantasy Parade, Mystic Manor, etc.

Some basic information -

• Opening hours – 10AM to 9PM • Prices - 1 day standard and designated ticket – HK$499 (Adult), HK$355 (Child), HK$100 (Senior citizens) 2 day ticket – HK$680 (Adult), HK$480 (Child), HK$170 (Senior Citizen) • Annual Pass - Platinum – HK$2888 (Adult), HK$2050 (Child & Student), HK$820 (Senior Citizen) Gold – HK$2188 (Adult), HK$1555(Child & Student), HK$560 (Senior Citizen) Silver - HK$988 (Adult), HK$698 (Child & Student), HK$290 (Senior Citizen) (Child - 3 to 11 years, Senior citizen – over 65 years of age) • Official website - https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/
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