9 Simple Tips For Happy Family Trips

Are you planning a vacation with your family but the family vacation blues makes you hesitant? Not anymore! Family are actually way more fun and relaxing if you plan it well because you arewith your very own people which is your own little world! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your next family trip an experience to remember. This time, for good!  1. Be Destination-wise 1Be-destination-wiseYou might have to compromise here a little. Now that you have kids or elders along, you would have to take care of everyone’s taste and preference. Selecting an overall destination would require a lot of research in terms what all places the destinations offer that will be suitable for all of you.  2. Slow down to enjoy move-slow-and-enjoyWhile with family, you would have to focus on quality and quantity. We spoil most of our trips by tiring us down by rushing to everyplace and not enjoying a single place at peace. The situation worsens when you kids along who wouldn’t be ready to rush and you would end up making everyone unhappy including your owns elf because of the constant nagging that would follow!  3. Eat Healthy eat-healthyNo one denies the fact that the local fried cuisines are the most delicious ever! But make sure that you try the healthier options and keep your and your family’s tummy happy! A little unhappiness here can cost you the entire trip! There is no way you want to do that!  4. Keep it light! keep-it-lightA family trip does not mean heavy luggage. Keeping the necessities are fine but stocking items because of your over-concern can cost a lot more than you thought. A random guess tells me you are not going to a remote desert so you can buy stuff you need.  5. They are meant to rent When we said you don’t need to carry them, it did not mean you don’t need them. While some items can be bought, some items can be rented. And they should be because they make journey so much more convenient! Strollers, high chairs, bikes, play pens, car seats, cribs are all meant to be rented when traveling especially with kids and elders.  6. The seat theory Sitting on the plane’s bulkhead is a boon if you are traveling with kids. Normal seats don’t have such a space to keep things like toys, eatables and wipes handy. You should totally try grabbing that seat for your convenience and others’.  7. Humility check A cranky kid leads to a cranky parent! You surely don’t want to be that. Plus when your kid is going all so irritated and restless with long travels, and you feel embarrassed, it is good to apologize. It’s not your kid who they mind, but your indifference is surely a turn-off.  8. Be Flight smart While on flight, during take-offs and landing, the ear-pain can give you and your kid troubles. You can use a pacifier or even can give them something to swallow.  9. The evil of procrastination You can not entirely blame your little kids for going all so cranky while waiting. The wiser decision is to keep everything reserved beforehand to avoid such long waits for taxis, hotel rooms, dining tables, tickets etc. I am sure this solves most part of your problem!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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