6 Things To Know about Palace on Wheels

Resplendent, fantabulous and epic in proportions of luxury—these define the famous Palace On Wheels—India’s first luxury train that has managed to capture the imagination and interest across generations of Indians and non-Indians alike. The train is operated under a venture between the Indian Railways and the Government of Rajasthan.

In case you wish to bask in the splendour that is on offer aboard, come book a package on the Palace On Wheels now. Well, before that read into six amazing facts about the luxury express that could leave you all the more turned on.

1. The Exclusivity - The Palace On Wheels is not meant only to be stayed in and rest aboard. The train chugs from Delhi Cantonment and you can book a week-long stay aboard to explore the delights across Rajasthan and Agra. What’s more as you get treated in true blue royal style, you get to explore the hot hubs in these areas—namely the Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the Taj Mahal. In addition, the train stops over to let you explore the cities of Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Chittaurgarh.

The entire trip lasts 9 days precisely—with the tour beginning and ending at Delhi. What’s more is that the Delhi cantonment station has an exclusive reception area dedicated for passengers set to board the luxury train—complete with its own parking arrangements as well.

2. The Legacy - The coaches on the Palace On Wheels are named after the princely states of erstwhile India. The guests are pampered in regal style and so much so that you will have your own khidmatgar on board the Palace On Wheels as well.

3. The Relaxation - The Palace On Wheels does not only house a bar and master bedroom suites. It also has a lounge wherein you can unwind and relax!

4. The Regal-ness - The regal express ranks as one of the ten most luxurious train journeys globally. The cabins are exact clones of the travelling saloons that the Governors and Maharajas owned during the times when the British ruled India. It is also the only luxury coach that is operated regularly along its existing route. More so, it had been bestowed with the PATA Award in 1987.

5. The Royalty - The theme décor for the Palace On Wheels is authentic Rajasthani but interestingly, even continental menu is served to guests. There are a couple of dining cars on the train—namely, the Maharani and Maharaja. Top chefs prepare the meals onboard.

6. The Beginning - The train debuted on 26 January 1982 powered by the traditional steam engine. However, of late, latest amenities such as spas, salons as well as WiFi have been added to the list of facilities found on the Palace On Wheels.

While these facts about the Palace On Wheels may astound you, more surprising is the story surrounding the origin and subsequent launch of this train. Post-Independence, the Indian Government found it extravagant to use the regal coaches that once belonged to the princely state rulers. However, given the rich architecture and lovely traditional appeal vested in these, the government ideated upon a plan to launch an exclusive train. The train would come with these coaches for passenger-tourists who visited Rajasthan.

Thus, came to life the Palace On Wheels. Over time, there have been revamps and modifications galore, but what has remained intact is the legacy and heritage quotient of this luxury train. Welcome to the life of the nawabs and blue-bloods. Who said you cannot experience the same anymore today? Hop on to the Palace On Wheels.

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