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10 Things To Make Your Honeymoon In Bali Special

A honeymoon in Bali would never be boring since there are so many things you can do there, both romantic and adventurous. From partying and drinking at the beach to indulging yourself in thelocal art, culture, and history, you can go on adventures and thrill seeking activities, and then finally relax with yoga and spa. Bali is home to a lot of historical sites, beautiful temples, natural landscapes, and beaches. Here are the top ten things that you can do in Bali when you go there for your honeymoon: 1.     Learning Surfing On Kuta Beach surfing-kuta-beachHave you ever been inspired by surfing but never got a chance to learn or do it? Well, Bali will give you a perfect opportunity to learn surfing. Kuta Beach has waves that are perfect for beginners since the waves break onto sand instead of corals. You also have plenty of surf schools to choose from, or you can choose to hire a guide for lesser money. After intense surfing classes, you and your better half can have drinks and enjoy the sunset at the Ku De Ta. 2.     Mount Batur Climbing At Kintamani mount-batur-kintamaniIf you survive the surfing lessens, you might want to go for another adventure or mountain climbing. Mount Batur is a famous volcanic mountain in Bali that rises over a beautiful lake. Be sure to wake up early morning so that you can enjoy the sunrise at the peak. The hike is not tiring and you can reach the top within 2 hours. 3.     Kecak Dance Watching In Pura Dalem Taman Kaja kecak-dance-watchingThis traditional Indonesian dance happens in Bali and features a musical and dance drama. It is quite an entertaining show to watch. With 150 performers, the dance involves the depiction of the Ramayana battle and is like a trance with the work ‘cak’ being chanted by the performers. You can view it at the Pura Dalem Taman Kaja temple grounds being surrounded by a great setting and atmosphere. 4.     Cycling In Bali Cycling is a great way to explore Bali, and there are many cycling tours that you can join. If you choose to, you and your spouse can even rent cycles and go on an exploration hunt yourself. Some places you must see are the rice paddy fields and the villages. You will get to witness immense culture, locals, and arts this way. Consider going to the Monkey Forest as well, after which you can visit the Goa Gajah, which is the holiest of all places in Bali. You can end your tour in the Petulu village. 5.     White Water Rafting white-water-raftingHappening on the Ayung River at Sayan, white water rafting is an amazing experience offering immense scenic beauty. You will pass through Bali’s heart at great speed and enjoy the wonders of Bali all around. If you observe carefully, you will be able to see the rice paddies and the local children playing around you. This will be an experience that you will probably remember for the rest of your life, and something that you will truly enjoy, especially if you are the adventurous kind. 6.     Diving And Snorkeling On The Bali Reefs snorkeling-bali-reefsBali is filled with natural beauty all around, from the mountains to beaches and even beautiful landscapes on the land. However, do not miss the experience of underwater diving. From turtles and manta rays to the amazing coral reefs, you will get to see it all. You will find the best reefs along the coastline to Lembongan Island, and the crystal clear blue waters will make the whole experience of diving even more amazing. 7.     The Wonderful Jimbaran Bay Seafood jimbaran-bay-sea-foodYou can walk along the beautiful beach at Jimbaran Bay and then witness candle-lit tables lined along side. At these restaurants, you can eat some of the most delicious and mouthwatering squids, pawns, and fishes that have been freshly caught from the sea. Feast on this while enjoying the lovely sunset. You will especially have fun if you love seafood. 8.     Enjoying El Kabron El-KabronThe El Kabron club is located on Bukit’s west side and is situated on a cliff top. This makes it a great place to enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and sunsets of Bali. The restaurant also features some of the most delicious dishes and has a pool that overlooks the ocean. You and your loved one can also enjoy the food over some wine and have a great time talking and bonding. 9.     Getting Relaxed With Power Of Now Oasis power-now-oasisIf you love yoga and the ocean, then Power of Now Oasis is for you. Situated on Sanur Beach they have a great bamboo studio where they offer yoga classes right next to the sea. After the class, you can indulge yourself in some fresh juices, salads, Panini, and other items, all made from local and organic ingredients. This will give you a truly healthy and enjoyable experience, and you and your partner can enjoy the peace that yoga has to offer together. 10. Visiting The Bamboo Trails In Green Village bamboo-trails-green-villageBali has a lot of bamboo, and you can indulge in an enriching bamboo experience of seeing bamboo trails at Green Village. The tour is simply inspiring with a visit to the biggest bamboo chocolate factory in the world, the Green School campus, and the amazing Green Village private residences. Bali is amazing and it will even be more exquisite when you travel to it with your partner. You can make your honeymoon to Bali a great and enriching experience if you indulge in everything that Bali has to offer. With so much natural beauty in the area, you and your spouse will instantly be mesmerized and you will go back home refreshed with a lot of energy. Along with this, a honeymoon in Bali will also give you a greater amount of bonding time with your loved one, and both of you will have a great time. Must Read: How To Plan The Perfect Beach Getaway To Bali
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