8 Things to do in Thailand on your Honeymoon

Thailand has evolved as a dream honeymoon destination for couples across the globe. There are infinite places in Thailand to explore. And you just don’t have to explore Thailand but also the partner accompanying you. 1. Visit beaches of Phuket phuket beachThere are some places which are too beautiful to be on earth and thus are called heavenly places. Such are the beaches in Thailand. And one just has to visit these heavenly beaches with your angel beside you. Spend some time with your partner admiring the beauty of nature and may be each other’s too. Amble around on the sand and just relax because these might be the most relaxing moments of your life. For adventure you can try some water sports also with you partner.

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2. Visit the floating market floating marketThere are many floating markets in Thailand with varied things for you. Some of them are quite crowded, but as you are on your honeymoon try those which have less head count. You can try the tasty food with your partner in floating markets. Try something new for your taste buds and experience something new with your newly found partner. 3. Rejuvenate yourself with spa SPAThailand is known as one of the best destination for spa. You can have varied spa treatments in Thailand. Medical spa, herbal spa, aroma therapy massage, hot stone etc. They have different types ranging from head to toes. A spa experience with your partner will release you from all the tensions and will result into a calmer bond in your relationship. 4. Get yourself a Riverside Hotel riverside hotelsBook your room in an exotic riverside hotel. Luxury helps us to escape the rush of this world and adding on to this it will give you beautiful view from your window. Watch the sunrise with your partner and promise each other to be like a sun in one another’s life. Because such moments are the most precious ones so preserve them in a luxurious and beautiful memory. 5. Island hopping island hoppingWhat makes Thailand an ideal honeymoon destination are things like island hopping. It gives you all the time and place to just need to lay down with your partner holding hands under the shadow of palm trees. Witness the colorful marine life and look at nature smiling with you at such beautiful islands. You can also dive in water for some little adventure. 6. Cruise ride at Phang Nga Bay phang ngaPhang nga bay is a kind of a place in itself. It is different from islands and beaches. Look at the stretch of green water and take a ride in Chinese cruise junk. You are just so lucky if you could take the ride at the time of sunset. Sunset at Phang Nay amongst the limestone cliffs is a fancy experience. 7. Escape into Bang Karachao Island bang krachaoBang karachao is surrounded with the rush of Bangkok city but what lies inside is beauty and peace. The lush green island is a perfect place for honeymoon couples, which is not to be missed. Take a cycle ride with your partner and run through the beauty of green! 8. Take a trek chiang rai trekChiang Rai is away from the city and is a beautiful place to explore the villages and culture of Thailand. And make your trek through Chiang Rai jungles more amazing when you are with your partner. We always want something different so this trek could be the different thing in your honeymoon itinerary. Update your itineraries and experience the terrific trek! Thailand is a magical place with lots of miracles waiting for you. Give yourself and your life this opportunity to relish the magical moments. You and your partner are going to start a lifelong journey and Thailand has proved itself as a rockstar destination to start your journey. Give yourself a chance and give Thailand a chance!
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