7 Things To Do In Singapore

If you have planned to travel Singapore especially on the months from August to September, there is a bucket of choices which are almost endless to do which may also leave you a little confused.You surely would like to visit the exhibitions, the food and the people of Singapore. Here are few things that you should do for a memorable visit: 1) Night Safari And Zoo: Singapore-Night-SafariNow that you are in Singapore for a good holiday, you must not forget visiting the famous Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. They are known to be the finest zoological attractions rated by the foreigners from all across the world. Once you know about a zoo, you also understand that there are lot of animals in here but they vary from each region. Few of the famous animals that can be found here are Giant Pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia. You surely can see them but there are so many visitors wanting to see these creatures that you will need to stand and wait in a crowded queue to see them.

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2) Botanic Gardens:  singapore-botanical-gardenIf you are a little tired of roaming around in the city and that you need to get out of it to breathe some fresh air you can visit the Botanic Gardens which is as big as 74-hectar which can be used to relax and consider it as an oasis of calm. The most famous and the best known attractions in this Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden where you can find weird yet wonderful plants from all around the world with lakes and the rainforests. Another best thing about National Orchid Garden is its timing. This place is opened till 5am that means the whole midnight for the series of relaxation. 3) Marina Bay Sands:  This place is widely known to be called as the Las Vegas of Singapore as there are many casinos and an integrated resort which has the city's biggest casino. In this same integrated resort, you can also find a very huge shopping mall that has its own canal that offers its visitors the Gandola rides. There is also a boat-like structure constructed on the top of this skyscraper which has the tag of world's biggest rooftop pool. This may be a little astonishing for few people about having a rooftop pool on such a height but it has been constructed with the use of a very good safety measure. This place surely has the factor drop jaws of its visitors of that it has its own wow factor in it. 4) Bukit Timah Nature Reserve:  If you are a newbie who is going to visit Singapore for the first time, you surely would not have a slightest idea in your wildest dreams the the place with so many buildings and cloud touching skyscrapers was once famous to be a rainforest. In spite of that, Singapore still does not leave any kind of disappointment to its visitors. There is this widely known Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which has an area of approximately 3,043 hectares. Despite the progress and development, this one thing that Singapore government has is to keep Bukit Timah Nature Reserve exactly how it as. It has not been even a little disrupted and not will be in the future. This enclave which is rich a rich source of biodiversity, was established and was known to be one of first rainforests in Singapore. This place is also home to highest hill in Singapore which is as long as 163.63 meters accurately. One of the best things about Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the visitor center also provides the permissions of biking and the tour travelling buses. It also has a vast number of insect and plant species where you can have a pleasant walk and with fresh air. 5) Little India: You will find the smell of indian food, its spices and the flowers from around the the country. You will also find the streets with continuous music playing and the known multi-coloured buildings. You have many choices that of visiting and exploring this city like paying a visit to the shrines and the so many temples; but before that, it is widely suggested by the people of Singapore to visit Mecca Mustafa, which is a very big shopping department. This department is so big that here, you can find almost everything that you will need or want. From a wide range of clothing to perfumes, this has got all of them in it. 6) Chinatown: Chinatown is the place where number of traditional 'shop houses' can be found; and before you can explore the tasty snacks served by the local vendors, you can find the locals of this playing chinese chess. After tasting the food served by the local vendors, you can now look forward to have the food in Chinatown. There are many rooftop hotels where you can differentiate which kind of food you prefer, vegetarian food or non vegetarian food. You can grab a bowl of tasty and slippery noodles if you are a vegetarian. If you prefer to be a non vegetarian, you will have number of choices like having prawns, lobsters and many more from the sea food section. As the dishes here are tasty, they are also very spicy. Find your match. 7) Hawker Food Market:  singapore-marketIn the terms of knowing that different people have different taste, Singapore has got exactly the kind of food markets that suit the taste of your tongue. It is because of the Hawker Food Market that Singapore is known to have a different taste for every different. It has the dishes from the whole of Asia. Be it Indian food or Chinese. There are barbecues and the dish that is most preferred by the locals around the place is Hainanese chicken rice, which is famous to taste the best at Hawker Food Market that can be found at any person at the Maxwell Road.
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