Top 14 Things to do in Phuket

Phuket is one of the largest islands in Thailand that is must to visit place for the tourists, romantic couples as well as honeymooners. Not only you can enjoy the marine life but will also get to do the most happening things in your life. Here is the list top 14 of things to do in Phuket: 1. Snorkeling :- SnorkellingImage - flickr If you are looking out for an adventurous experience in the tropical waters of the Andaman Sea, then snorkeling over the coral reef is going to be your memorable time in your life. Phi Phi Islands are the best place to try out the snorkeling in your Phuket expedition. 2. Spa Retreat :- Spa RetreatImage - flickr What is great and balmy if you get a blend of massage of the aromatic oils in the serene atmosphere of Phuket. There are the wide variety of Spa resorts as well as spa clinics with professional staff who will help you get the beautiful treatments. The spas will give you a very relaxing and soothing experience. 3. Golf Playing :- Golf PlayingImage - phuketgolfcourse The huge expanse of the green pastures of the golf course will spark out the lost vigor of the sports star in you. The golf playing activity specially with your beloved will infuse love with the spirit of competitiveness. 4. River Rafting :- River RaftingImage - flickr Get the thrilling moments as well as the fun of your life through getting the taste of the river rafting with the experienced staff. The river rafting can easily be enjoyed in a course of 5 km to 7 km at the Phang Nga. 5. Junk Cruising :- Junk CruisingImage - flickr Get yourself enrolled with the lovely and romantic experience through going to on board the Chinese Junk that runs parallel to the Phang Nga Bay. These boats are having a lot of stomach churning motions with the most solid structure. 6. Yoga in Phuket :- Yoga in PhuketImage - phuket-fever Phuket is famous for the yoga centers that are situated in the south of the place. These yoga therapies will embark the meditation spirit and will produce enlightenment amidst the tropical waters of the place. Rejuvenate your life, mind and soul with the happening yoga classes that are conducted by specialists. 7. Shopping :- Phuket Night marketImage - taimako Known as the shopaholic’s paradise, Phuket offers lot of great ambiance. The shopping specially in the specialized flea markets will help you get a lot of souvenirs as well as trinklets, junk jewellery, tropical costumes and great amount of local things. 8. Sea Kayaking :- Sea KayakingImage - vhemtanon-muaythai What is not to be missed in your tour to Phuket, is the special Sea Kayaking activity that can be enjoyed in the Phang Nga Bay area with your partner. You can also propose to your beloved in the middle of the sea which acts as the most unique experience. You will unravel a lot of places during the activity that you have never seen. 9. Island Hopping :- Island HoppingImage - flickr If you are looking out for an option to experience something exclusive, an island hopping activity is the most suitable thing that you can very easily do. You can explore a lot of offshore islands.

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10. Candle Light Dinner with your romantic partner :- Candle Light DinnerImage - flickr You are able to get the experience of your lifetime with a most amazing and romantic dinner with your partner. In the middle of the beach under the light of the sky with candles burning all around your table, you will get the most romantic fairy tale feeling. 11. Scuba Diving :- Scuba DivingImage - flickr Another adventurous activity that can be performed in Phuket is scuba diving to witness the beautiful marine life of the creatures. Phi Phi and Similan Islands are the best diving sites to experience the aquatic life. You can get the wonders of waters with these activities. 12. Elephant Trekking :- Elephant TrekkingImage - phukettaxiandtour Have you got the experience of sitting on the elephant and picking coconuts from the trees? If not then get ready to have an experience of the lifetime. You can also watch out the monkeys in full action with swings. You will get the visit of the vivid forests. 13. Visit to Thai Hua Museum :- Thai Hua MuseumImage - flickr A well maintained museum that is often visited by the tourists. You can get the experience of the marine sea shells, aquariums and much more. It will also give you an insight of the history of the place. 14. Ravishing Night Life :- Phuket Night LifeImage - flickr The nightlife of Phuket is very amazing and full of adventure. You can get your glass of drink or enjoy sitting in the beach. The night life in the pubs too is very fun frilled one.

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