8 Things To Do In Maldives On Your Honeymoon

Exotic beaches, turquoise lagoons,  a uniquely delectable cuisine and plenty of intimate getaways - nothing spells romance better than a honeymoon in the Maldives. Whether you're in the mood foran outgoing and adventurous time together, or just a laid back and pampered treatment, Maldives has it all. Often described as paradise on earth by tourists and travel experts, this small cluster of islands will leave you and your loved one wanting more. With several magnificent activities to choose from, it can be really confusing and tough for a first-time tourist couple to pick the ones best suited for them.  Here, we narrow it down for you and share the top eight things to do as a couple when spending your honeymoon in the picturesque islands of Maldives to make it utterly special and memorable. Diving DivingExquisite and safe - you and your better half will easily find intimate coral reefs and crystal - clear waters to take a romantic plunge! With over 3,000 such spots, you can enjoy the various forms of exotic marine life by choosing the perfect dive locations for you. While some dive locations can be found just near the shores, some can be found a little further into the sea via an hour-long boat ride. The point that stands out is that some of the diving locations are so safe, you do not require experienced divers to assist you. So, you can spend some quality alone time in the pristine waters that Maldives has to offer. Fishing FishingDon't worry, it's not your garden variety fishing trip like back home! You will need to hire a speedboat that will take you to the fishing hotspots near the coast where you and your spouse can engage in a playful fishing spree. Swordfish, Marlin and other bigger fish are common catches during the daytime. You can also hire a boat for fishing during the night time. Under the star laden night sky, you can expect to reel in some barracudas and other exotic fish while enjoying each other's company.

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Spas SpaThe first thing any couple needs right after their wedding affairs is a good relaxing rubdown. Using pure native coconut oil, the Maldivians will transport you and your partner to a world of ecstasy right from their spas. You also have the option of choosing open-air, modern facilities that face the beautiful turquoise sea. If you and your spouse are willing to try the native massage, you're in for a great surprise! The white sand massage will leave you in a completely peaceful and clear state of mind and body. Once you're done relaxing, you'll be all geared up to soak the rays of Maldivian magic yet to come! Safari-in-the-Sea Safari-in-the-SeaIf you and your spouse love to sail, you'll find no opportunity more serene and exclusive than the boat safari in Maldives. With over sixty charters that offer the island experience, you'll find yourselves on a luxurious and romantic boat gliding through the natural beauty of the vast sea and small exotic islands. Stop where you like to explore the marine wildlife and islands, as the in-house chef cooks you up the best of tropical delicacies for dining beneath a roof of stars. Truly a unique and one of its kind journey, express your love for each other in the cosy laps of nature. Submarine Ride Submarine RideYou read it right! You can book a 45-minute safari ride for two directly through your resort. The Whale submarine off Male is a favourite of most couples spending their honeymoon in Maldives as it's a rather unique and creative thing to do on a honeymoon. What makes it worth your time is not just the endless variety of wild marine life but also various shipwreck remains that can be discovered during the ride. With an extraordinary array of colours, fish and plant life, not only will you have had a fun filled 45 minutes, but also a very vivid experience to share with family and friends once you and your spouse get back home. History Beckons History BeckonsIf you and your better half happen to be history buffs, you have hit the Jackpot! With a rich history that goes back as far as the 12th century, you will have a lot of historic museums and monuments to check out. Right from the National Museum at Male that houses well preserved relics from the Sultanate period, to the minarets and tombs of an array of historically significant mosques such as the Old Friday Mosque. Another interesting point of attraction is the Mulee Agee - an elaborate pre World War 1 palace which now hosts the President's offices. Island Hop Island-HopWhen you buy holiday packages to Maldives, you don't just buy yourselves a great time at a single island but a great time spread over 80 islands that feature guest resorts. As a couple, you can journey through the 26 atolls with over 200 islands. While each island has something unique and interesting to offer, choose which islands you and your spouse will visit before hand for a smooth trip. You can collect souvenirs unique to each of the islands to take home and find plenty of intimate spots on each of the various islands to express your love. Not to forget, you can relish the local tastes at each  of the stops you make while relishing each other's company! Sleep Underwater Maldives has something uber romantic to offer! The Maldives Rangali Island resort boasts of an aquarium restaurant that can be quickly converted into a cosy and luxurious abode for the night for you and your special one. This translates into underwater yet in-room entertainment provided throughout your stay by the marine inhabitants just outside your room. This room also comes with an exclusive champagne breakfast for a stylish and memorable start to your day. A small splurge can guarantee you a magical night with your spouse on the nature's bed, literally. No matter what you choose to do and how you spend your time, we are sure that Maldives will surely leave you unsatisfied...in a good way!
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