Things to Do in Jim Corbett National Park

Top 8 Things to Do in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the ancient national park of India which is located in the mesmerizing state of Uttarakhand in Nainital.It is the best place for adventure freaks, mountain and wildlife lovers, young enthusiasts etc. One can enjoy a lot of activities over here.

Best Time to Visit :- May - July / October - February

1. Enjoy Elephant Safari :-

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One of the most amazing things to do at Jim Corbett National Park is to enjoy the elephant safari by sitting on the back of the elephant and get yourself entrenched inside the dense forest of the Jim Corbett National Park. The mahawat (Elephant driver) will help you get the best experience by taming the animal quite well.

2. River Rafting :-

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The activity of river rafting at Jim Corbett is a great attraction for the water lovers. Through seeking the permission from some of the park authorities you can get the adventure streak revamped within you. It is a wonderful adventurous activity that can be carried out in the waters of the Kosi River.

3. Animal Watching :-

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The famous and unique activity for which the place is known among the tourists across the world is that of exploring the wildlife while sitting on the open jeep safari. From deers to leopards you can get the glimpse of exotic wildlife species in its true sense. Timings For Jeep Safari


• 6:00-9:00 (Morning) • 03:00-6:00 (Evening)


• 7:00-10:00 (Morning) • 02:00-5:00 (Evening)

4. Visiting Garija Devi Temple :-

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Situated amidst the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the mountains across the Kosi river is the Garija Devi Temple. It is located on a hilly rock and is known for its annual fair that takes place on Kartik Poornima every year.

5. Explore the Corbett Museum :-

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Symbolic of the artifacts as well as memories of the past; the Corbett Museum helps the visitors to get the glimpse of the wildlife with an extra knowledge about the activities, achievements and working culture at the Corbett National Park. It is located in a heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett who was a hunter turned conservationist.

Timings - 7:00 AM- 6:00 PM(Daily, Closed only on Holi)

6. Bridge Slithering :-

Bridge SlitheringImage - vcetiv2013

Another most exquisite activity that can be done in the foothills of the Himalayas at the Jim Corbett National Park is that of Bridge Slithering. With the help of the rope, you can carry out the activity from the Jhula Bridge into Kosi River.

7. Trekking :- Trekking Jim CorbettImage - raftingkithulgala

The green lushy wildlife sanctuary and the tranquil atmosphere gives vent to the trekking expeditions that the nature lovers would be enthralled to carry out. As per the difficulty level, there are various kinds of trekking that you can carry out.

8. Fishing :-

FishingImage - aquatic-solutions For those enthusiasts who love fishing, the waters of Ramganga and Kosi rivers in Jim Corbett are an ideal place to carry out the fishing activities. Though fishing is not permitted in the park but you can enjoy the activity in the nearby areas of the park. The best season to fish is from March to early June.

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