Top 12 Things To Do In Goa

Situated on the western coast of India, Goa is a place full of emerald and crystal blue waters. One of the most attractive places to visit in India, it is a perfect spot for beach holidays. A smallest yet beautiful state in India, Goa is a place to enjoy lot of fun and frolic activities, drinks and yummiest food across the world.

Apart from the sun and sand, beaches and beer, Goa is a place to do lot of exciting things:

1. Visit the Spectacular Beaches :-

Visit the Spectacular BeachesImage - mytravelo Goa is famous for its marine waters that surround the whole state with beaches. You can have a romantic date with your partner on the beach under the moonlight. The beaches are simply marvelous to pay a visit and the prime activity to do if you happened to visit Goa specially with your loved one.

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2. Enjoy The Water Sports :-

wind surfingImage - goayacht If you are looking for some kind of adventure in Goa then trying your hand with the adventurous water sports is the best option to showcase chivalry. From surfing activity to scuba diving, jet skiing and windsurfing, all kinds of activities can be conducted at various beaches in Goa.

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3. Indulge into some gambling :-

casino-in-goaImage - honeymoon-in-goa Goa is a place for some of the amazing casinos across the world. Why not trying a luck and increase your wealth by playing the royal casino games. You can find a lot of casinos over the boats that are floating on the waters. You can also enjoy amazing cocktail drinks over here.

4. Give yourself a Massage Therapy :-

massage therapyImage - civishir Why not giving your body a sense of relaxation by getting a Balinese style massage in the spa and salons located between the Calangute and Candolim beach. The massages that are provided by these salons are quite cost effective and affordable.

5. Relish The Street Food at Saturday Night Market :-

Street Food at Saturday Night MarketImage - viajandosinpapelhigienico What is the ultimate fun and entertainment thing to do in Goa is to visit the Saturday Night Market where you can find lip smacking street food and tasty cuisines. It is also good for some street shopping for the girls.

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6. Get some blessings from God :-

churches in GoaImage - burrp The major population of Goa comprise of Christian people and the Churches all over the place are quite a splendid one. These churches date back to ancient centuries and also marks a great architecture. Some of the famous ones are Basilica of Bom Jones and Church of St Cajetan are very known churches of the place.

7. Bird Watching :-

birdwatching goaImage - thegallerymag Goa is a home to some of the exotic birds that depict the fauna of the place. You can view the blazing kingfishers, the coastal paradise of birds, damselfish that can bring out the beauty of the place. You can also witness the wild animals like porcupines, Indian buffalos with the languor monkeys. You can also watch the dolphins that are the major attraction of the place.

8. Go For a Bike Ride :-

bike ride in GoaImage - planetwayround Nothing can be as enjoyable as exploring the amazing roads of Goa on a bike with your beloved sitting behind. It is one of the most romantic experience of your life as you will be roaming on the streets surrounded with the amazing Arabian Sea border. But be careful in wearing the helmets during the bike ride along with the caution to not to overtake.

9. Play Paintball :-

paint ballImage - thehindu An awesome activity that you can do with your friends is to play paintball. It is the must to have the adventure when you are with your peer group or with your better half. The game is full of thrill and excitement. It creates an atmosphere of real war and will set the atmosphere of awe.

10. Go For Parasailing :-

Parasailing in GoaImage - globalvisiontours How can you miss the adventure of parasailing while you are visiting the place? You can get the glimpse of entire Goa through parasailing over the entire place. The beauty of waves to the pretty view of the scenery all around will give you a wonderful experience to cherish throughout your life. The Baga as well as Arambol beaches offer this kind of experience.

11. Pay a Visit at Butterfly Conservatory, Ponda :-

butterfly-conservatory-goaImage - ingoanews If you have a love for the butterflies and mesmerizing creatures then this conservatory is an ideal place for you. Despite the beautiful beaches and the parties what you can do is to visit a place that will give a tinge of experience of the different species of butterflies.

12. Ink a Tatoo :-

foot tattosImage - favim What gives goosebumps are the variety of tattoo designs that can only be available in Goa. It is a must to do the activity by the tourists who visit the place during the season. Ranging from colourful to black and white tattoo designs, Goa is all that gives you a hippie look when you ink different tattoos on your back, shoulders and foot.

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