10 things to do in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world’s biggest indoor theme park. Constructed in 2010, this entertainment park contains rides and activities that are based on the theme of Ferrari.

Entry Timings: 11AM to 8PM

The ticket prices are based on three classes - Gold, Silver and Bronze. Ticket particulars      Bronze Silver   Gold 1 day ticket (adults) - $65      $95      $135 1 day ticket (junior) - $55     $80       $110

Here is the list of top ten wonderful things that you can do on your visit to Ferrari World.

1. Junior Pilota’s Racing School -

Junior Pilota's Racing SchoolImage Source

Is your kid a racing enthusiast? You definitely have to bring him/her to the Junior Pilota’s racing school at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi then! Here your kid gets professional training from racing experts The F1 racing field is stimulated here to a large extent and you can never find anything of this sort in other theme parks in the world.

2. Made in Maranello -

made in marnello ferrariImage Source

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is probably the only place in the world, where you will get to visit a factory that introduces you to the way these majestic cars are made.

3. Driving with the champion -

ferrari rideImage Source

Who said you cannot have your cake and eat it too? This is a place where you will not only get to ride a Ferrari car on a simulated track, but also have an expert champion driver to ride along with you - an unique experience of its kind!

4. Karting Academy -

karting ride academyImage Source

Enjoy a karting ride along the 290m real track here set up on the model of Yas Marina circuit. The high-speed race will give you equal doses of fun and adventure. After all, all the racing champions today started off with karting races!

5. Live Shows -

live shows world abu dhabi ferrariImage Source

This theme park is not just about the rides, shopping and dining. Never miss the live shows related to fun (Tyre Change), multimedia and 3D animations (Viva Ferrari) and live theatre (RED) here. These unique and entertaining shows will fill you with awe and surprise.

6. Viaggio in Italy -

Viaggio in ItalyImage Source

Does the idea of going to Italy for a vacation excites you because of the sheer budgets involved? Welcome to the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi – the only place in the world where you can feel the aroma and flavours of Italy on a virtual tour.

7. The Thrill of Rosso - Formula RossaImage Source

If you ever thought you know everything about the roller coaster rides, try “The Thrill of Rosso” here. This is the fastest roller coaster ride in the world. With a speed of 240km per hour, it is needless to say that this ride is apt only for the strong-hearted ones.

8. Khalil’s Car Wash -

Junior Pilota's Racing School ferrariImage Source

This is a must-visit area if you are travelling with kids. This is a play area that keeps kids entertained with novel features like remote controlled mini Ferraris, pedal cars, race cars and the like.

9. Shopping - shopping in ferrari worldImage Source

Shopping is a must at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, as this is the only place where you will get all kinds of Ferrari branded souvenirs. You will be treated to a sea of affordable and luxurious goods here. The Ferrari store is open from 10.15AM to 8PM.

10. Dining -

dinningImage Source

Exhausted after a tired day at the rides? Try some authentic Italian cuisine at the restaurants and cafes here. Never miss the food at this place, as the authenticity of the food will bring a smile even to the harshest food critic.

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