Things To Do In Dubai Mall

Top 8 Things To Do In Dubai Mall

Located in the heartland of Dubai, the Dubai Mall is one of the must to visit place if you are traveling to the place. It is not only world’s largest shopping destination but is a place where you can rejoice to the fullest: Here are some of the things you can do while visiting the mall: 1. Try out Ice skating :- ice skating in dubaiImage - daa-connect How contrasting experience you will have after conducting ice skating in the mall which is situated in the desert country of Dubai. It is one of the most exciting activity that one can indulge into as part of their visit to the Dubai Mall. It is having one of the finest Olympic size ice rink giving an experience of a huge place to have fun. 2. Get the thrilled in the indoor theme park :- indoor theme parkImage - egarepublic One of the best thing to at the Dubai Mall is visiting SEGA Republic, the indoor theme park that starts very early and stops very late at night specially during the early days of the weekend. From first aid to ATM’s one can find every facility in the park. There is lot of amusement as well as entertainment as per the different age groups. You find a variety of more than 170 games. 3. Explore the aquatic life in the aquarium :- dubai-mall-aquariumImage - arabicguy Dubai Mall is known for its exuberating and massive aquarium that brings out the underwater aquatic life into reality. It has a large viewing panel wherein tourists can also get a glimpse of large fishes like sharks and whales. Whereas the small fishes also include the gold fishes. 4. Enjoy the music and light show :- dubai mall fountain showImage - ytimg If you are a music lover then you can cherish your evenings at the Dubai Mall where after 6:00 PM a music and light show is organized that cheer up the mood of the visitors and make your evenings very romantic.

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5. Go for shopping spree :- dubai-shopping-mallImage - greenlandtourism For shopaholics the mall caters almost every brand of the world under one single platform.As per the budget of the visitor one can easily buy from the high to the mid fashion retail outlet. You will relish the experience of the haute couture of the entire world and can enjoy the shopping streak in you. 6. Give a treat to your taste buds :- taste buddsImage - flickr The Dubai Mall is one of the finest malls across the world that has taken an extra effort to bring out the culinary talent for the guests to enjoy the lavish food from all the regions. From local to Mediterranean and South Asian to International cuisines all are available with more than 150 outlets spread across the mall both in the food court as well as besides the Promenade at the outer periphery of the mall. 7. Watch out some movies :- Reel Cinemas dubai mallImage - thedubaimall The first cinema hall of UAE is opened in the Dubai Mall where you can have a glimpse of some of the most critically acclaimed movies. It has about 22 screens with the facility of suites. 8. Feel the vibrancy at the top of Burj Khalifa :- Burj-Khalifa-Inside-PicturesImage - inspirationseek Nowhere in Dubai you will have a lifetime experience of standing at the top of Burj Khalifa. It is exclusive at the Dubai Mall you will be able to get the spectacular view.

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