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5 Things That Should Be On Every Travelers List To Bali

Bali has various mountain rush green terraces and the place which has best world class beaches is considered one of most famous tourist destinations from the visitors all around the world.Because awesome beaches, landscapes and its unique culture, Bali has been awarded as the world best island by The International Travel Magazine for few years altogether. If you're planning to visit this wonderful place for a holiday with friends or family or planning honeymoon, there are few of the things you need not forget in this island. Nonetheless, there may be many people who don't properly know or have properly heard of the generous Balinese culture.

What To Do In Bali ?

Snorkeling and Diving: The sterile waters of Bali have some stupendous aquatic life and with the help of the operators, you can dive in for the exploration. There are many different spots which you can easily find where you can dive. There is also a Second World War transporter which you can find off the coast at Tulamben which is widely considered as Bali’s most well known diving site. This Liberty wreck is about 120 meters long which is placed at beach on right angle that of 90 degrees. One of the end of the wreck which is closest to the beach at a depth of about 3 meters which is easily accessible even to the snorkelers. But the other end of this wreck is laid at a great depth of about 30 meters which is not accessible to every diver or snorkeler. It is said that only the most experienced divers can reach for the deeper side of the wreck. Dining: After a dipping yourself out from the cave of solace with a relaxing spa, the thing that signifies to make your visit worth, is the dining in Bali. There are various traditional specialties from a wide range of hotels with mouth watering delicious dishes to choose from. Among which is Roasted Duck which is served in banana leaves and the navies of Bali call it Bebak Bututu; and Suckling Pic which is also known as Babi Guling. Whilst the sun sets, Seminyak is one of the best areas to spot a restaurant which serves tasty dishes that can precisely be enjoyed with a drink. There is also a bar which sits on the rock, which has a width of about 14 meters right above the ocean at the Jimbaran Bay and is known as the Rock Bar. You can also find Bali's most awarded restaurant in Ubud, known as Moziac which serves numerous different tasting dishes. There is an award winning and a traditional chef named Plasmeijer who only uses only local ingredients for almost all the creative dishes he makes. Golf: This wonderful island also rolls an amazing opportunity to your hand for a course of some great golfing. The most known golf course in Bali is Nirwana Bali Golf Club. This golf course being designed by Greg Norman which rates amongst the top of the very best golf clubs in the whole of Asia. As you drive along with rugged cliffs which take you to the vast Indian Ocean, you can test you accuracy in this club which has one of most beautiful scenery and through the green rice terraces. If you're wondering that The Nirwana Bali Golf Club is the only great course which you can enjoy in, here's another surprise for you. Located on the limestone cliffs of the Western part of the Bukit peninsula you can find the wonderful New Kuta Golf Club, which overlooks the widely known dreamland beach. As this golf course tests your accuracy, luckily you can also find the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Apart from the other golf courses in Bali, the New Kuta Golf Club is also famous for its panoramic view of the dramatic sunsets on the neck of the Indian Ocean. Tanah Lot: If you are a luxury traveler and even if you are not, Bali’s signature temple will surely be present on every Bali travelers itinerary, which is known as the Tanah Lot. This temple is off the shore and is located on a small rock which makes visiting it accessible only when the tides are low. The temple was made back in the 15th century by a group of best architects of that time and is apparently the most photographed place in the whole of Bali. Almost in the late afternoon and just before the sunset, the temple is embedded with suitable orange lights where you can gain the opportunity of having a perfect shot of the marvelous Tanah Lot. Considering to visit it in the early morning is a very good idea because at the time after afternoon when the orange lights are found studded and shining brightly on and around the temple, it gets very crowdy and if you wish to have a perfect shot you need to reach here early. Though the picture opportunity costs you enough, as the site, it is worth everything you spend on it. Spa: In Bali, you can step into the most stress killing resorts for massage and for the spa. There are world class resorts for spa only for honeymooners. If you're a spa lover, then this island is equal to a heaven full of amazing spas and for a massaging treatment. You will find many more classy spots in Seminyak and Ubud area. When you're stepping into either of them, you will be lost into the world filled with solace even before the massage starts. Before the treatment of spa, you can find a wide range of flavors and colors. Like, Avocado is rich in minerals and is an amazing source of natural oil and vitamins which drives away the pigmentation and the wrinkles off from the skin; and one of the most popular flavor would be Chocolate, which has the goodness of nourishing the skin as a natural aphrodisiac.
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