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Honeymoon in Andaman Nicobar – Relaxation and Adventure in one

andaman-nicobar-islandOnce known as Black Waters, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are now known for their excessive beauty and are famous because they offer tourists from all walks of life the ultimate peace andrelaxation. The Islands are especially great for people who are the adventurous kind. So, are you a newly married couple or about to be married soon? Why not plan a wonderful honeymoon at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The islands are very different from other places in India. When you visit there, you will instantly be mesmerized, especially after looking at the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. The territory consists of 572 tropical islands, out of which 36 are not even inhabited. All the islands include lush and green forests and wonderful wildlife. If you plan a honeymoon to these Islands, there are six things that you must do there. 1.     Snorkeling If you are not much of a scuba diver, you must try snorkeling. This activity is great for people who do not know how to swim or are scared of going deep underwater. Andaman Islands consist of some of the rarest marine life and coral reefs that you can simply not miss out on. Your entire honeymoon will be incomplete if you do not experience this rich adventure. With snorkeling, you can experience this marine life by simply being on the surface of the water. Another great thing about snorkeling is that you will find a lot of shallow and steeply sloping reefs. Some of the very famous snorkeling sites on the islands include Red Skin, some sites in Havelock, North Bay (located very near to Port Blair), and Jolly Buoy. 2.     Scuba Diving andaman-coral-reefDiving is probably the most amazing adventure that a person can involve themselves in. No matter if you are new to diving or have been indulging in the activity for a long time, there is something quite challenging and exciting about visiting the world of underwater and observing life there. In the waters of Andaman Islands, you will get to see a rich underwater life, from colorful fish to sunken ships that will arouse your curiosity to a great extent. Apart from this, the underwater life of Andaman also includes a very rich coral reef, and the best part is that these underwater formations and coral reefs have not been damaged by any human activity. The best months to dive will be from December to April. The whole diving experience also becomes unusual and different due to the volcanic lava hill formations. If you wish to have such a unique and wonderful diving experience on the islands, you can visit Havelock. Nowadays, there are a lot more dive shops in Port Blair. 3.     Barren Island – Active Volcano big-volcano-craterThe Barren Island is situated about 139 km if you travel from Port Blair by sea. This island consists of the only active volcano in the whole of India, thereby having a lot of significance. This volcano has been known to erupt twice after it was dormant for around 177 years. The first eruption took place in 1991 and then the second one happened in 1994 to 1995. The island is around 3 km if you measure its diameter, and its big volcano crater is located around half a kilometer from the shoreline. If you wish to visit this island to see the volcano, you can do so by getting special permission from the Forest Development and then using a chartered boat to travel to the island. Foreigners though will not be allowed to land on this island and will be restricted to the on board vessels only. 4.     Creeks creeksThe Baratang creeks situated on the Andaman Islands consists of a large network of the mangrove creeks. Some of these creeks are also home to saltwater crocodiles. Therefore, you should always be careful when visiting them. However, you cannot miss out on them since seeing these creeks is a great and unforgettable experience in itself. Some of the creeks that you might be interested in seeing are listed below:
  • Baratang Creek in Middle Strait - the most popular among tourists
  • Kalighat Creek in North Andaman
  • Parangara Creek in North Andaman
  • Uttara Creek in Middle Andaman
  • Yeratta Creek in Middle Andaman
5.     Saddle Peak Saddle Peak is 732 meters high, making it the highest point on the islands. You can go to saddle peak, trek on this amazing subtropical and lush forest from Kalipur, and then be back within 6 hours. The views that you will get to see from this peak is simply amazing, and you will realize the true beauty of nature at that point. You must, however, get a permit from the Forest Office along with a local guide if you wish to trek here without being afraid of getting lost. There are also red arrow marks on trees in case you wish to trek on your own. You can simply follow these arrow marks as well. 6.     Water Sports water-sportsThere are a number of water sports you can indulge yourself in such as kayaking, wind surfing, water skiing, glass-bottom boating, rowing boats, para sailing, paddle boating, bumper boating, aqua gliding, and water scooters. You and your loved one will have the time of your lives when you take part in these water related activities, and the beautiful waters will simply add on to the thrill of these water sports. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are truly a spectacle worth seeing at least once in your lives. These islands will definitely make your honeymoon a lot more unique, relaxing, and adventurous. You will also get a lot more bonding time with your better half and get to know each other much better. Therefore, if you and your spouse are the adventurous kind, this destination will be the best honeymoon destination for you. Make your honeymoon experience out of this world. After all, you only get one honeymoon with your partner in a lifetime.
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