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10 Things To Do For A Memorable Honeymoon

Planning the perfect honeymoon can be as important as planning the perfect wedding; it marks the beginning of your life together as a married couple and sets the tone of your entire relationship.These first few weeks of married life you spend together, away from it all in your own magical world remain in your memories for ever more. This is why I believe there are a few things every couple must try on their honeymoon to make these memories that much sweeter. 1.    Choose an exotic location A lot of couples end up choosing common holiday locations with crowds of tourists which can be quite annoying and unsexy for a honeymoon. To make it a real once-in-a-lifetime experience, it should be someplace new and exciting; a place that promises a true get-away that takes you to another world. Touristy places can always be in your list on a group vacation or when you decide to start a family, but a place like Maldives, Bali, or Mauritius with their pristine beaches, or Kerala or Nepal with their lush greenery, serene landscapes and tranquil rivers can only be truly enjoyed by a couple embarking on a lifetime of adventures together. 2. Get to know the local culture In such a unique place, you will be able to learn about new cultures and historical places together, as well as sample local food and meet new people. This will give you the feeling of discovering new worlds together, and this can make your honeymoon so much more magical. Many of the best resorts offer day trips to local villages, and tours to cultural buildings and historical sites. I would highly recommend all honeymooners to take part in these activities, no matter how tempting it may sound to just laze around and do nothing! 3. Have an adventure Let’s face it, not everyone is the adventurous sort, but it can do wonders to try something new and exciting on a honeymoon, even if it is something mild. No matter where you are, find something that challenges you and scares the life out of you, and experience that thrill with your one true love. I have always been scared of the deep blue sea and everything in it, but I will never forget my first snorkeling experience in the reefs of Maldives, amidst the breathtaking underwater wonders. I love the fact that I have that experience in the bag, and am glad my husband talked me into it. Go camping in the deserts of Rajasthan, or trekking on the mountains of Kashmir, or even try sky-diving or bunji jumping in Thailand; whatever you choose, it will be unforgettable and will make for a story you will be telling for years! 4. Have a Romantic Dinner No Holiday will feel complete if you don’t pamper yourself. Most resorts have honeymoon packages with complimentary location candlelight dinners for newlyweds. Again, whether it’s an exotic hill station or a tropical island getaway, enjoy a romantic fine-dining experience by candlelight with a scenic view behind you and you will never feel more in love! 5. Have a Spa Date Another way to pamper yourself and enjoy a relaxing holiday together is to go for a couple’s massage or an entire spa day. The fragrant soothing oils and therapeutic herbs and spices specific to the region you choose to visit, will slowly lift away all your cares and leave you completely relaxed and content. Also, make sure to ask your resort’s spa for location massages, as places like Maldives and Kerala are known to have massages under the stars by the sea, or in a houseboat sailing down a river, which offer truly exclusive experiences. 6. Take lots of pictures I must have taken a thousand pictures on my honeymoon; ok maybe more like 300, but you get the picture. Documenting your intimate vacation might seem superficial and you might just want to live the moments instead of capturing them, but you will kick yourself once you’re back home. These pictures will make your vacation timeless, and this is something you can show your kids someday and talk about all the cool things you did when you were starting out your lives together. 7. Try Something New Has there ever been that one thing you always wanted to try but never got the nerve to actually do? Well, now is the time to go for it! Tying the knot is in itself is a new thing and is full of surprises, so why not take this time when you’re with the one most important person in your life and do something you’ve never done before? This will be made even more exciting if it is something totally out of character for you, as it will make your bond even more special and will make you feel like you share a secret. 8. Spend a day in While going about and doing things will make your honeymoon exciting, it is also important to make each other the center of attention. It can do wonders to spend a lazy day in your hotel room just talking and being silly, ordering room service and watching some TV. For the average person, this is in itself a unique experience, as you are normally too busy with worldly concerns. Use this time away to just be with each other and enjoy the seclusion. 9. Watch a Sunrise or a Sunset Together Sunrises and sunsets can be extremely romantic, and this is something you will probably never be able to take out time for in your normal everyday life. Take this special time to enjoy these lovely moments together and just watch a new day begin or the sun dip down into the horizon. No matter where you are you will witness true beauty, and you will witness it together. 10. Just relax One of the best advices I got was from our resort manager in Maldives. He told us the best thing to do on a vacation was to do nothing. Just lie on the beach with a good book, have a few exotic drinks and enjoy the peaceful quiet and the smell of the lapping waves. The same holds true for honeymoons. Take time to truly enjoy the essence of where you are. If it’s the beautiful tea plantations of Kerala, take a day where you just relax in on the mountainside and watch the lovely scene, enjoy the quiet and feel the breeze in your hair. Experiencing the tranquility in nature can really help you make the most of your honeymoon!
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