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5 Top Things To Do At Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore- the land of new dreams, new vision, latest innovation and fantasies stretched far. When in Singapore, besides checking out the local market, savouring local fare and shopping till your bags brim—there is one attraction that pops onto your must visit list. This is the Universal Studios at Resort World in Sentosa. Home to world class attractions, theme parks, rides and knick knacks galore, the Universal Studios opened doors in May 2011. Given that South East Asia will not have another Universal Studios Park for the next three decades, this Singaporean hotspot is worth all the hype and rush.

Visit it anytime from 7 am in the morning to 10 pm at night. This paradise sees so much demand that you will barely find it sans a crowd. Although it is not on the main island of Singapore but on the tip of Sentosa Peninsula, you can easily hope onto to the Monorail, a shuttle, a cab, public buses or even a cable car to reach Universal Studios.

Entry into Universal Studios is paid and the fees are as under -

Single Day Pass • Adults- 13-59 years-- S$74 • Children—4-12 years-- S$54 • Senior Citizens-Age more than 60 years-- S$36

Double Day Pass- • Adults- 13-59 years-- S$118 • Children—4-12 years-- S$88 • Senior Citizens-Age more than 60 years-- S$58

1. Haul Up Some Hollywood -

hollywood studios themeImage Source

The sprawling Universal Studios Park houses a Hollywood Theme park. This should be the opener visit for your itinerary at this hotspot. From exploring the famous boulevard replicas of Hollywood LA to shopping for souvenirs; you could be spoilt for choice when at the venue. What’s more you need to treat yourself to the show Monster Rock that plays in rock and roll style at the Pantages Studio here. Don’t forget to go snap snap since you could be matching shoulders with icons such as Betty Boop and Charlie Chaplin here.

2. Visiting New York -

newyork zone in universal singaporeImage Source

Well not the real deal here but the NY city zone at Universal Studios Park drives you to understand how the city of the great American dream was during the post-colonisation times. From the famed landmarks of New York to a light camera action show that Steven Spielberg hosts, there is a lot to look forward to while indulging in this exploratory bit here.

3. Battle Star Galactica -

Battle Star GalacticaImage Source

This famed ride is based on the telly series of the same name. Challenge your adrenaline levels by taking the Cyclone ride that lets you hang with the legs tangling or go in for a belted ride on the Human part of this coaster ride. The trivia to digest here is-- this is the world’s highest coaster ride too! The two tracks of this ride are intertwined and swish swash simultaneously.

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4. Treasure Hunters -

treasure hunterImage Source

The famous ride at Universal Studios Park is for those who like to experience only a slight tingle of adventure. The ride takes you along an excavation spot that is abandoned—all the while in a vintage car. There are special effects to treat yourself to and animatronics based vultures, hippos and crocs greeting you along the way.

5. Up Close with Dinos -

Jurassic Park Rapid AdventureImage Source

Who does not drool over the Jurassic Park franchise? Well, take this water ride at Universal Studios Park—the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. Face the huge monsters up close as you raft along the Stegosaurus Springs. Also, gear up to experience the surprise drenching as you are dropped 40 feet down right as the ride is about to wrap up.

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With so much and more to look forward to, simply get your tickets soon and explore more of the delight called Universal Studios Singapore.

Check out the official website here- http://www.rwsentosa.com/Homepage/Attractions/UniversalStudiosSingapore

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