Things To Do At Rann of Kutch

10 Things To Do At Rann of Kutch

Beautiful white salt desert infused with migratory birds, temples, Harappan sites and exclusive art work is what makes the town of Rann of Kutch a must visit place for every individual. The splendour of the place offers vivid activities and things that you as a tourist can do while your trip to the place.

Get yourself engaged into some of the things that you can do at Rann of Kutch given below:

1. Experience the White Desert :-

Experience the White DesertImage - flickr The very first thing that you can do at the Great Rann of Kutchh is to get the first hand experience of the beautiful white desert which is a marshy salt desert that infuses romance and love. One can see the golden blanket of the sun during the day while the silvery light at night makes it all the more scintillating.

2. Bird Watching :-

Bird WatchingImage - reflectionsofindia If you are at Rann of Kutch then it’s mandatory to go out for bird watching and experience the view of variety of exotic migratory birds specially Flamingo that have their breeding grounds in the Wild Ass Sanctuary. You can also visit the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary for the bird watching activity.

3. Visit the Kutch Museum :-

Kutch MuseumImage - gujarattourism You can witness the rich tapestry of Gujarat’s handicrafts and textiles by visiting one of the oldest museums of Gujarat and can see the display of ancient culture, weapons, artefacts, cutlery, wildlife etc in the museum. This will certainly rejuvenate the artistic splendour within you.

4. Enjoy sunset:-

kala dungar sunsetImage - flickr Make your visit more romantic and lovely with your partner by enjoying the sunset together hand in hand with your beloved. At Kala Dungar you can have a beautiful panoramic view of the sunset and a lot of people visit this place. Plan your visit to the place during the afternoon where you can see the jackals getting fed by the priest of the temple which too is located on the Black mountain.

5. Get a glimpse of Art Work :-

Art WorkImage - gaatha At Rann of Kutch you will be able to see a pool of creative work that cannot be found anywhere across the country. The famous Rogan Art is an exclusive art form attributed to the local people over here. You will get a glimpse of Copper Bell and Lacquer work that are quite spectacular as well as beautiful. You can view this art work in Village Nirona which is quite close to the place.

6. Be a Historian :-

Lothal - Ancient WellImage - wikipedia You can revive the history lessons learnt in your school by visiting Dholavira which is the place to find the remnants of the oldest site of Indus Valley Civilization. It has 5 most famous sites of the ruins of the Harappan cities.

7. Relish the local cuisine :-

gujrati thaliImage - lakshmisharath Gujarat is famous for its delicious and yummy Gujarati thalis that you can easily enjoy at various restaurants located in the town that specialize into the famous delicacy of the state. These restaurants offers very tasty food to satisfy your taste buds.

8. Go for Handicraft Shopping :-

Handicraft ShoppingImage - buzzintown The city of Bhuj which is situated near the town of Kutch is well known for it‘s Shroff Bazaar that offers wide variety of block printing fabric that will cast a pleasing charm of style and aesthetic sense in you . Here you can also pay a visit to lot of temples that are famous for its architecture.

9. Visit ancient castles and palaces :-

Prag MahalImage - gujarattourism If you are in Kutch then you should definitely visit to Aina and Prag Mahal in order to get a glimpse of royal touch to the town. Though it got affected due to the earthquake yet it will show the exemplary charm of the place. Many Bollywood movies are filmed over here.

10 .Enjoy the Indo- Pak Border :-

Indo- Pak BorderImage - thehindubusinessline Few miles from the Kala Dungar is the India Bridge which is a spectacle of the Indo–Pak Border. The entry up to the bridge is open but going beyond it requires a permit from the Police Station and you will have to go through a strict check by the army personnels.
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