Grand Kerala Shopping Festival 2015-2016

Top 9 Things To Do At Grand Kerala Shopping Festival 2015-2016

The ninth edition of the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival has already kick started with an array of national as well as International Products with a great variety of local handlooms and handicrafts. A festival that transforms the whole state of Kerala into a splendour and shopping extravaganza had begun on 1 December and will end on the 15 January. Here is the list of few things that you can do at the festival:

1. Shop to the Fullest :-

Kerala-sari-shoppingImage - paradise-kerala One of the amazing things that you can do at the Festival is to shop your heart out as you will find things from different categories ranging from electronics, handicrafts, designer clothes to food at a very reasonable rates. You can find a lot of discounts and gift coupons in the festival.

2. Enjoy the folk dance performances :-

KathakaliImage - flickr From Kathakali to the traditional art and dance forms an integral part of the festival. You can have a spectacular view of the cultural performances and can also dance on the beats of these artists at some places of the state. Give a boost to your senses with the entertaining performances. Lot of musical events too set up the atmosphere of the state during the grand shopping festival in God’s own country.

3. Try your hand and learn handicraft making :-

handicraftsImage - dreamkeralapackages You can also enjoy by getting the knowledge of the manufacturing skill of the handicrafts. Various artisans will also be making the handicrafts that you can learn how to make. Interact with the artisans and gain the knowledge of the beautiful art work.

4. Buy a Souvenir :-

SouvenirImage - antiquesplusonline Collecting the souvenirs from various places helps you curate beautiful memories as well as reminiscences. From the festival, you can bring lovely souvenirs for your loved ones. From customized to the readymade variety you will find a lot of them in the festival.

5. Relish Tasty Food :-

kerala foodImage - sailusfood

Without food one cannot enjoy the rewarding experience of shopping. Give yourself a treat of powerful South Indian dishes with mouth-watering dosas, idlis and food embroiled with the regional blend of spices. A lot of restaurants and food plazas offer great shopping deals around the festival. So enjoy eating with your shopping bonanza.

6. Scratch and Win the Gifts :-

Grand Kerala Shopping FestivalImage - dd508hmafkqws As a lot of gift coupons are disbursed in the event, everyday there are lot of winners for amazing prices. Why don’t you just buy a coupon for yourself and simply scratch to win the gift for you and your loved ones. The mega draw, however, will take place in the month of February. You can win prizes worth Rs 1 crore and more.

7. Enjoy a vat free experience :-

If you are a buyer from outside the state then your travel to the festival is worth it as you will be able to get a 100% exemption from the vat that is usually leveraged on the traditional and handloom things. So everything will be economical for you.

8. Watch out The Artisans Felicitations :-

craft man artistImage - camelcraft The Government has taken a very innovative measure during the event and is ready to recognize the great work done by the artists across the state. During the festival, a lot of artists are going to be felicitated with a cash amount that will encourage them in their work. It will enrich the true value of craftsmanship by the Tourism Industry.

9. You can “Shop For Others” :-

Giving the festival a touch of human kindness the Government has planned out shops as well as products that the visitor can buy for the poor and underprivileged people and children of the various orphanages, old age homes as well as poor people who have never experienced any good festival. Be a little kind and shop for others.

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