7 Best Things To Do At Bali Safari And Marine Park

If you are going to Bali, then visiting the Bali Safari and Marine Park should be the must to visit place in your travel list. It is one of the most happening places to include amusement and adventure in your trip. There are the lot of things that you can do in the park and create some of the best memories. You will get to see lot of animals as well as have fun on the water slides.

Here is the list of 7 Best Things to do at the Bali Safari and Marine Park:

1. Bird Watching :- bird watchingImage - tumblr

One of the largest attraction in Bali, you can get amazing experiencing of watching different exotic species of birds as well as animals coming from three different regions. It is a fun activity to get a glance of birds as well as animals at the place.

2. Safari Ride :- Safari RideImage - triaumatravel

In order to get the feast of watching the animals,you can book your safari buses and enjoy the trip in the most adventurous manner.You can ride on the back of the elephant to witness the safari glimpse across the region with a mesmerizing enjoyment.

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3. Water Rides :-  water rides baliImage - baliaround

Being a point of adventure you will be able to get the thrilling experience with the amazing water slides that are a power puff in its approach. You and your family can have a great experience while enjoying in the waters of the marine park. Also, what is amazing is to have the fun in the exhilarating rides.

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4. Watch Animal Shows :- Animal Shows in baliImage - nowbali

Watching the elephant talent shows is really a big treat both for you and your kids. You can laugh to the fullest while checking each and every activity that is undergoing during the course of the animal shows. The acts of the animals will truly fascinate you with the superb experiences that will run down the chill off your senses. These animal shows are totally free of cost and are superb.

5. Enjoy Traditional Dances :-  traditional dances in baliImage - baliguide

To the pleasure of the senses comes the great dances that depict the conventional culture as well as the lifestyle of the people of Bali. While enjoying the food you can also catch a glimpse of these traditional dances. You will be able to enjoy and relax to the senses with these jittering dances.

6. Visit to Museum :-  bali museumImage - trvl-media

If you are a true animal lover then you should visit to the in-house museum which is located inside the amusement park. You will be able to explore thousands of things of the animals and can also buy souvenirs from the museum for gifting or memories purpose.

7. Click selfies with baby Orangutan :-  selfies with orangutanImage - wp

One of the most cherishing activity that you can do is to click selfies with the baby orangutan. You can cuddle with these cute creatures and can get the most beautiful experience from the place. Also, the best thing that you can do is to have two to three orangutan together and then click a pic.

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