12 Things to avoid in Bali

12 Things To Avoid while visiting Bali

Bali is always listed as one of the top travel destinations in the world. Being a dream destination, the beautiful island lures the travelers globally for many reasons. Bali has a lot to explore and experience. Yet, behind every shiny object, there lies a secret shadow! Listing out the 12 things to avoid in Bali for a fascinating travel experience.

1. Currency Exchange -

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Money Exchange is one of the biggest scams in Bali. You will be tempted to see the white board displaying high exchange rates. They are seen everywhere in and around Bali. Don’t be a victim of those scam money changers. While they pretend to count a stack of notes just before you, in a microsecond they will flick half the notes behind the counter. Exchange your money only in authorized counters at Seminyak, Sanur, Kuta etc.

2. The Taxi Madness -

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Dominating drivers, no meters, longer routes, additional charges, no change, etc are some of the things you should always look out when you hire a taxi. Hiring taxi is the best mode to explore Bali. The drivers make unfair advantage over the travelers and charge them too high!

Get the taxis arranged by your hotels or discuss about the extra charges with driver before you hire a taxi.

3. Free Tour Guides -

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You will be surrounded by a lot of tour guides claiming to provide free guide. Don’t encourage them. They will charge you indirectly by asking you to donate!

4. Photographing the Natives -

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Taking photographs truly forms major part of any holiday. Out of great interest when you photograph a wrinkled man or a beautiful baby on an antique shop, be wary, you would return back with empty pockets. Make sure your camera lenses capture only the nature!

5. Be Careful with Monkeys -

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When you visit monkey forest or any temples, avoid wearing too much jewelry or loose items. Within a jiffy, the monkeys will seize the objects from you! There are many trained boys who know the way of monkeys and get your lost things back. Remember, you should pay something big for them!

6. Authentic Balinese Market -

dasubalitour ubud marketImage Source

Ubud market is one of the authentic Balinese markets and a hotspot of Bali. Beyond the authentic charms, you may be trapped. T-shirts, wooden trinkets, souvenirs, etc are sold at unimaginably higher prices which you can buy everywhere.

7. Massage Touts -

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When you stroll across kuta beach or hotspots of Bali, men or women may approach you, claiming to offer a head massage, body massage, manicure and pedicure. They charge you anywhere near $75 for buffing and clipping the nails! If you want one coat of nail polish, $10 extra and go on!

Just ignore them.

8. Arak -

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It is the traditional alcoholic drink of Bali made from palm trees! Don’t fall as prey to methanol poisoning by drinking Arak.

9. Dangerous Sea Spots -

bali-beachbreak-danger Image Source

While Bali is a beautiful island, it has many hidden dangers. Many beaches are under-tows. Watch the sign boards and enquire the locals about the safety before you jump into the water.

10. Jimbaran Seafood (when it is too crowded) -

fresh sea foodImage Source

The beautiful fishing village serves the best seafood dinner on the beach by the sunset. Yet, when overcrowded, you may even get served with bad seafood charging too high! And you will be touted for huge tips!!!

11. Kuta Sprawl -

Kuta_beachImage Source

You may have some unimaginable expectations about Kuta beach, the most popular attraction of Bali. Control your imaginations about Kuta. It is a hotspot almost spoiled with array of shops, restaurants, massage counters, etc. Don’t try to explore Kuta on the very first day of arrival. You will be disappointed.

12. Water Threat -

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Wherever you go, make sure to carry a water bottle with you. Use the water bottles to brush and wash your hands. Don’t drink water from elsewhere. It helps you avoid catching infections.

Every place is subject to this type of annoyances and scams! Happy vacation to Bali

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