Things to avoid in Malaysia

6 Things to Avoid in Malaysia

Malaysia, one of the most visited and most sought after tourist destination splashes with colorful versatility! Multi-faceted attraction nestled in the multi-cultural environment drives the avid travelers fly to Malaysia! Pristine beaches, picturesque natural abundance, eclectic cities, majestic skyscrapers, delectable cuisine, spine-chilling activities and a lot of flavorful insights entice the visitors! If you plan to or schedule a holiday trip to Malaysia, make sure you are aware about a few things to avoid in Malaysia.

Listing out a few important things you should avoid when you are in Malaysia to experience nothing but exotic holiday.

1) Spicy Food -

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Being a multi-cultural and ethnic city, Malaysian cuisine is diverse. Different cuisines blend with authentic Malaysian cuisine. You will find some of the spiciest dishes in Malaysia.

If you are not used to eating spicy foods very often, better stay away from one in Malaysia. Even the spice lovers will find the Malay spice too hot! Just convey before you order your food to make it less spicy or simply avoid taking spicy foods. You can stick to Malay-Chinese cuisine, which is less spicy.

Say, ‘No Chilli’ when you order the food. Strictly avoid Nonya Dishes , the extremely spicy foods! You are at Malaysia to enjoy your vacation, not to suffer from stomach burns and aches!

2) Wild Monkeys -

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You can find hundreds of long tail Macaque monkeys. They are cute, but quite wild. Remember not to encourage them or try to have an interaction. Especially, when you find these monkeys in groups, make sure to stay away and walk in silence, as they may turn quite aggressive. If you try to feed them, you will be surrounded by a group of monkeys in a few seconds. Just ignore the monkeys even if you find them cute. Else, you may end up getting hurt. 3) Traffic Jam -

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Malaysia offers cars at very affordable rate, everyone owns it. If you are struck, you may really lose your core as traffic jam in Malaysia is something you ever experienced elsewhere in the world. Especially, traffic jam is at its peak during the evenings in Kuala Lumpur, between 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm! Plan your itinerary carefully to avoid traffic jam! 4) Taxi’s without meter -

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Remember, taxis in Malaysia are driven by meter. According to the prevalent rules, taxi drivers are not entitled to charge you without using a meter. Still, there are many! Hiring taxi is quite expensive at Malaysia when they don’t charge according to the taxi meters. If any taxi driver ask you a fixed rate and don’t use the meter, simply avoid it. You may end up paying twice or thrice the actual fare. 5) Interaction with strangers -

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Be aware, more cautious about the surroundings. Pickpockets and bag snatches happens commonly everywhere. Don’t interact with strangers! If you communicate, don’t talk anything about your itinerary or your holiday schedule. It is better to use traveler’s cheques instead of carrying too much money. Don’t carry too much stuff when you explore Malaysia! 6) Embracing in Public -

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Malaysia is officially an Islamic country. Muslim population accounts for around 68% percentage in Malaysia, followed by Buddhist, and Hindus. Public behavior is an important part of Malaysian culture. Men and women don’t embrace in public. Refrain from any kind of PDA’s (Public Display of Affection) as well kissing in public!

These are some simple precautions to make your holiday at Malaysia offering you blissful experience to cherish!

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