8 Things Not To Do When You Travel

Travelling often makes us all so excited that sometimes we overlook a lot of important things. There are handful of tips that can not only make your trip even more enjoyable and can save you for a lot of trouble that you might attract knowingly or unknowingly.One basic rule of travelling is to do a thorough research about the place.. Following are a few more DON’Ts that you should not give a miss! 1. Eating outside Famous Tourist Spots While you feel all so tempted to try the local cuisines just outside the major tourist spots, you must keep it in control to avoid unnecessary expenditure. The local food outside such places is not only expensive but sometimes even lacks the authentic local flavors that a local restaurant/eatery inside the city will offer.  2. Exchanging Money at Airport Trust me its absolutely like burning your money! Currency Exchange Portals at Airports will give you the worst exchange rate. You can probably use your ATM Card or Credit Card to get the best deal because its very close to the inter-bank rates. 3. Skipping Travel Insurance If you are frequent traveller or travel for longer durations, you should have a Travel Insurance done. You never know of the medical injuries or lose some of your valuables in very high probability. Though we wish you a safe and sound journey but a travel insurance keeps you relieved for it protects you from both medical and non-medical emergencies.  4. Ignoring Value of Time over Money Every time you are compromising on some experience or thinking before saving penny or two here and there, make a calculation of how much time and energy wastage it will lead to and is it all worth it! While it is great to take public transport over private taxis and walking down the roads to explore the place instead of taking any transportation, it is highly recommended to understand your purpose of travel and if it will not cost too much of your time and energy. Also, sometimes taking a flight over train is far more beneficial while travelling far even though it costs more.  5. Carrying the Valuables I won’t stop you from carrying cameras and other necessary valuables but things like jewels, expensive handbags, too much cash are ways to destroy your travel experience.  6. Wearing Religiously Immodest Clothing religiously-immodestFor women travelling to Middle-Eastern countries, it is highly recommended to go through the guidebook before taking a trip. Generally you can wear anything that covers till your arms and knees. Even men are not supposed to wear shorts and sleeveless tops in these countries or while entering any holy place around the world. Sometimes the rules are not this rigid but it’s good to appear respectful.  7. Ignoring the Cultural Norms cultural-normsThis is one big mistake that tourists do while travelling. You should take special care while travelling to Middle-Eastern countries like avoiding public display of affection to your partner. You might even be imprisoned to make love with your partner(more if you are unmarried). Also you should know things like entering temples in Eastern countries without shoes, offensiveness in gifting any alcoholic/ pig-skin items in Muslim countries etc.  8. Ignoring the Meaning of Gestures and Body Language gestures-and-body-languageA pat on back and head is supposed to be seen positive and motivational for most when done by elders but it is highly disrespectful in Buddhists for the head is considered to be the seat of the soul. Before travelling to a place you should know what small gestures mean to avoid unnecessary troubles! A travel trip Is meant to be refreshing while we just learned how a lot depends on your attitude of staying informed and abiding by them. Happy Travelling!
I am Shahil Shah, a traveler and blogger! I bring stories from the places for you to cherish the experiences of my travel. Stay tuned!"



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