9 Beautiful Beaches Of Thailand

Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations in the entire Asian continent! Lets explore what makes it the best place to be with its most spectacular beaches. 1.  Phra Nang Beach, Railay Phra-Nang There are reasons for this beach to be placed at number one position. It is hard to believe but yes it is the most popular and naturally most beautiful beach of Thailand. The crystal clear water, white sand surrounding the beach with limestone cliffs, is a pretty feel to behold. You might even like to hire an instructor to climb the cliffs and watch the beauty in sheer amazement. 2. Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi maya-bayAccessible through Phi Phi Leh National Park, this place has a magical experience in entirety. You would instantly recognize this beach for it was featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach”. Augmenting the dramatic aura of turquoise blue waters, cliffs surround the beach from three sides.It’s one of the best beaches for diving and snorkelling. 3. White Sand Beach, Ko Chang white-sand-beachWith a perfect backdrop of palm and coconut trees, sugary white and soft grains under the feet, blue waters treating the eyes and mild sun rays adding a touch of serenity. Though it’s one of the most popular family destinations of Ko Chang but it seems to be less crowded than the resort area of Phuket. 4. Hat Pramong, Ko Lipe hat-pramongPrecisely the best sunset beach, it offers the most spectacular and stunning sunsets casting its shadow on the turquoise blue waters. I still couldn’t understand why it’s not a popular tourist destination. But I take the positive side here for being so less crowded and serene. 5. Patong Beach, Phuket patong-beachThe most happening and popular beach of Thailand, this place in itself is like mini-Thailand.Offering the widest coastline, being present in the capital of Phuket, you can shop, party and pamper your adventure streak, all at one place. But for peace seekers, it will be a no-no.

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6. Ko Nang Yuan, Ko Tao koh-nang-yuanA small yet a very popular island of Thailand, this Island would take you by awe with its fascinating beauty. The clear waters make it a perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkelling. 7. Hua Hin Beach, Malay hua-hin-beach-sunsetThe royal land of Thais, this place is among favourites for the affluent tourists. The beach still houses a palace which is still used by royalty. With the largest concentration of Golf courses of Thailand, this place is a hot holiday destination for the rich and famous. 8. Lamai Beach, Samui Lamai_BeachYou can call this to be a mid-way between the most happening Phuket beaches or the dead silent ones. With lesser crowd yet plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants to hog on, this place is just the apt place to be if you want a balance of both the experiences. 9. Haad Rin, Ko Phangan haad-rinPractically a hot spot for party goers all around the globe, this place is world famous for its Full Moon Party where the entire coastline of the beach is lined up with speakers that is not just the most spectacular view but an experience hard to forget! And you know why Thailand has emerged to be a tourist-driven economy. With natural beauty at its best, this place surely a backpacker’s delight anytime!
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