Top 7 Skydiving Spots In India

Is there an adventurous beast inside you? Do height and thrill excite you? Do you want to feel like an ultimate superhero and fly in the air? Well, now there is something available in our very own country, India, where you can indulge in a combination of sport, thrill, adventure, and height; and that’s skydiving. Yes! It’s that Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara thing. So, if your adventure-worms are tickling inside then visit these spots in India today:

1. Pondicherry -

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When India and France married they gave birth to Pondicherry, that’s the cultural diversity of this Indo-French colony. Now, the place is also one of the top adventure destinations in India, thanks to the various skydiving camps being organized here. • Whom to Contact: Kakini Enterprises • Cost: INR 18000 to 28000 (approx.) • Website:

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2. Deesa -

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When Amitabh Bachan said, “kuch din toh guzaro Gujarat mein”, we never thought that the state has to offer something more than sand, Dhokla, and flashy clothes. But, to our happy disappointment, Gujarat was the first state to recognize skydiving as a sport in India. There are many skydiving camps organized in Deesa, the first certified drop-zone of the country, throughout the year. • Whom to Contact: Sports Authority of Gujarat or Indian Parachuting Federation • Cost: INR 17000 to 37000 (approx.) • Website: ;

3. Bhiwani -

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North India is enjoying its indulgence in the amazing sport of skydiving since it came to Bhiwani, Hissar. The small town in Haryana is now a big place for aero sports lovers. Several camps are organized here at different times of the year by Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association. • Whom to Contact: Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association • Cost: INR15000 to 28000 (approx.) • Website:

4. Panchkula -

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Well, Haryana really has a sporty swagger, and the next place we are discussing is also from the state of jaats. Pinjore in the Panchkula district of Haryana is popular for its sports activities. Now, it’s emerging as a must visit spot for skydiving. • Whom to Contact: Skydiving India • Cost: INR16000 to 26500 (approx.) • Website:

5. Mysore -

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If the weather is your concern then this is the best place to experience skydiving in India. The cool tropical temperature is just perfect for the chilly wind to bang your face during the jump. This neighbor of Chamundi Hills has witnessed many skydiving camps in the recent past and is not going to stop anywhere soon. • Whom to Contact: Kakini Enterprises • Cost: INR 16000 to 25000 (approx.) • Website:

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6. Dhana -

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In the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is the place which is in the buzz for the skydiving camps it hosts. We are talking about Dhana, which is just 200 km from Bhopal and is now one of the top holiday destinations in India, thanks to the adventure kick it has to offer. The camps organized here are of a magnificent level and gather a swarm of folks.

• Whom to Contact: Thrillsextreme • Cost: INR 20000 to 36000 (approx.) • Website:

7. Ambey Valley -

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Skydiving at Ambey Valley will give serenity to your eyes and Goosebumps to your body. The place is known for its scenic beauty and now you can watch that beauty from the bird’s eyes. The best thing is that you can drop-in here at any time of the year to dive yourself crazy.

• Whom to Contact: Skydive Ambey Valley • Cost: INR 25000 to 30000 (approx.) • Website:

So, these were the list of hot spots in India for skydiving. Well, because skydiving is not yet on the heights of popularity in India so most of the above-mentioned places are not full time skydiving spots, but many camps are organized there by the government authorities and private firms both. Now, where are you going to dive this season?

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