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Singapore Zoo – 5th Best Zoo Worldwide

Come experience Asia’s Award Winning Wildlife Park and best river safari Singapore zoo. Get the jungle feel with the animals and nature within easy reach. Be a part of a worldfilled with the best flora and fauna. Zoo Information The Singapore wildlife park was started in the year 1973. All the animals in this zoo are allowed to move about freely with in a well guarded area. They are not caged like most wildlife parks. In the local language in Singapore this zoo is often referred to as Mandai Zoo. This is because the zoo is built on the grounds of the vibrant and green rainforest of Mandai. It is spread over an area of 69 acres and houses more than 315 species of animals and birds. Today the Singapore zoo is natural habitat for more than 2,800 animals, birds and reptiles. The zoo has been a nine time winner of the “Best Leisure Attraction Experience”. The zoo is open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM on all days. The zoo guarantees a once in the life time experience with its award winning Wildlife sanctuary, river safari and night safari. Visitor’s Sections and Zoo Inhabitants In order to make the travel experience to the zoo more interesting and exciting, the zoo authorities have divided the area into different sectors. These divisions are made based on the spices of animals housed there. Some of the must visit zones in the Wildlife section are:
  • Reptile Garden
Reptile-GardenThis zone is the natural territory of so of the world’s best cold blooded reptile species. Some of the reptiles in this zone are the Komodo dragons known to be the 3rd largest lizards in the world, the Rhino Iguana displayed in a glass panel, the Aldabra Giant Tortoise a great natural wonder and the most visited Snake house. A glassed green house that exhibits hundreds of species of snakes from a king cobra to a reticulated python. Wild Africa African-Wild-DogsThis zone is a replica of the lush green forests of Africa and exhibits a thrilling wildlife safari experience. In this part of the zoo visitors come face to face with the African Lion, the Cheetah, the rarely viewed African Wild Dogs, Zebras and many more wild animals.
  • Treetops Trail
Treetops-TrailStarting at the entrance to the zoo this zone recreates the experience of a life time surrounded by thick rainforest full of greenery, a beautiful waterfall and a jungle pond. This gorgeous sector houses many types of Monkeys like the Brown Lemur, Siamang, Cotton Top Tamarin and the White faced Saki Monkey.
  • Gibbon Island
Gibbon-IslandThis part of the zoo is known as the “Vocalist Extraordinary”. This Island is full of loud noises made by animals like the Red ruffed Lemur, Black Howler Monkey and the Flamingo.
  • Frozen Tundra
Frozen-TundraThis is the zoo’s latest attractions. Built to give the visitors a taste of the arctic habitat, the Tundra has a waterfall and Ice blocks to give it the cool look. One can see the gigantic Polar Bear, the endangered Wolverine and the fast disappearing species of the Raccoon Dogs in this zone. Singapore Zoo provides for the best wildlife experience in all of Asia. Along with the wildlife sanctuary the other enthralling attractions are the River Safari a combination of the great rivers of the world and the Night Life Safari. Also Read: Places To Visit In Singapore
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