Top 7 Scuba Diving Places In Pondicherry

Scuba Diving is a great water sport that can be enjoyed during your trip to the land of Pondicherry. It is a special attraction among the tourists and is able to garner all the adventurous skills that will embody you with the unique kind of experience. As a tourist, you will find a lot of scuba diving sites in the place and as per your knowledge, you can get the fun.

Best Time for Diving: February - April and September - November

Cost: INR 6500-8000 per person

Here are the top 7 scuba diving places in Pondicherry:

1. 4 Corners :- 4 cornersImage - 365hops

One of the traditional reef areas, the 4 corners is the best place for the open water divers. It is having abundant marine life and is around the structure of the palm leafs as well are rocks and plantains. The depth of the place is up to 18 metres. On the offshore you will find the beautiful dolphins, lion fishes, butterflies, torpedoes etc.

2. Temple Reef :- Temple ReefImage - scoopwhoop

A great site which is the treat to the eyes, the Temple Reef is after the name of its creators i.e. The Temple Adventures. It is an artificial reef that is designed with the fully recycled materials and is simply terrific. One can find more than 100 species of the aquatic animals living on the site. You can also enjoy the scooter ride within the place. The maximum depth of the place is around 18 m.

3. Coral Shark Reef :- Coral Shark ReefImage - adventureclicknblog

A site which is suitable for all kinds of divers owing to its great flexibility in the depth which is into 5 M and can also go beyond 23 metres. You can find the beauties at this place as it is the natural reef with a sandy bottom. You can also find out the trees as well as towers that are associated with the place.

4. Aravind’s Wall :- Aravind's WallImage - eternaljourneys

Soon becoming as one of the most popular scuba diving site around India, The Aravind Wall is the best drift dive site. The area of the place is really very large that can accompany a lot of divers and also give out a natural progression.

5. Ravines :- RavinesImage - pinimg

A great site which is named after the flowing rocky reed bed where it is located. You can find the farm plants that are growing over the scuba diving site. It is also known to be legendary as the Manta Ray is found over here. The average depth of the place is around 12 metres.

6. The Hole :- The HoleImage - scubatribe

Founded in the year 2011, a perfect scuba diving site for the advanced level of divers. The depth of the place is around 30 metres and the central area is the hole area which is an adventurous experience for the divers. You can take the torch along with yourself to discover the hidden areas under the rock beds. If you are lucky you might find out the big creatures over here.

7. Padi Dive Center :- Padi Dive CenterImage - mid-day

An amazing centre that will enhance the experience of the scuba divers, this great place is a perfect destination for all the great experienced people. It gives coaching to the amateur divers and at the centre, you will get the help of the coaches and can get better of yourself.

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