best scuba diving places in the world

Top Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

If you were given a vacation to scuba dive, and you could choose any destination in the world, where would you go? We talked to a number of diving enthusiasts, photographers andour readers, and came up with a remarkable list. Just the right combination to ignite your curiosity and make you take the plunge!  1. Cocos Island, Costa Rica Cocos-IslandsYou remember those dense, breathtaking rain forests in your favourite childhood movie, Jurassic Park? Yes, shot in the beautiful Cocos Islands! Here, the huge waves of scalloped hammerhead sharks, often numbering in hundreds will make your dive incredible!  2. Palau, Micronesia Palau-MicronesiaVoted as the “Hottest dive spot on planet Earth”, Palau is one of world’s renowned underwater wonders. Breathtaking sights of more than 200 jungle-topped knobs in Rock Islands and nearly 2 million jellyfish in the jelly fish lake, make up for a lifetime of diving. 3. Silfra, Iceland SilfraSilfra is a unique experience and a must for every diving enthusiast. Some of the clearest waters in the world, with visibility exceeding 100m, excitingly, Silfra is also the only place where you’ll be diving in the crack between two continental plates! The area around Silfra is also full of fascinating walking trails. Related: Top 8 Scuba Diving Places In India  4. Kona Mantas, Hawaii, USA HawaiiThe beautiful Kona Coast is home to more than 200 resident Manta Pays. And is world famous for its night scuba dive with underwater lights, putting on a magical show for you! 5. Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea PapauFrom deep drops to shallow reefs, atolls, and private lagoons, Kimbe Bay has everything a diver looks for! Papua has a lot of ships originally from World War II, so if you’re into shipwrecks, you know where to go.  6. Nakwakto Rapids, Canada CanadaCanada’s most beloved dive locations, is known for its swift currents, strongest of their kind in the world. So if you’re someone who loves challenging dives, you must visit this Guinness Book of World Records favourite! 7. Galapagos, Ecuador GalapagosThe Galapagos Islands, originally made famous by Charles Darwin, is now known for its diverse underwater marine life. If you’d like to experience wildlife creatures like sting rays and golden rays, whales, white tip reef sharks, pelagic fishes or iguanas and more, Galapagos is a great choice!  8. Red Sea, Egypt Red-SeaNo matter how impressive Egypt’s monuments and pyramids might be, its real jewel lies in the staggering diving in Red Sea! Whether you go north or south on a live-aboard boat in the Egyptian Red Sea, you can dive a diverse range of habitats. Still don’t get too caught up by those thousands of anthias, blue spotted rays, wrasse and angelfishes, or you might just miss that majestic white shark cruising by! 9. Half Moon Caye, Belize BelizeFor divers who are looking for a diverse ecosystem, Belize offers a great number of reefs. You’ll love Half Moon Caye for its sheer diversity of wildlife encounters and beautiful corals. If you’re lucky, you’ll be swimming past schools of tiny silver fish and also spot eagle rays gliding. No matter where you’ve been diving, Half Moon Caye will set its own standards for you. The majesty and serenity of the ocean has always appealed to me. The moment you leap off the boat, you’re in an entirely different world, one that you’ll embrace forever, with no idea what you’re going to find!
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