top places for scuba diving in india

8 Best Scuba Diving Destinations In India

With water surrounding the mainland on three sides, India, the second largest peninsula of the world is blessed with enormous richness in underwater diversity. India can thus prove tobe an absolutely perfect destination for someone who’s curious to explore the rich underwater world of the sea. This world, hidden from the one we are familiar with, is full of vibrant colours, textures and loads of excitement and adventures. Here, we bring to you the best scuba diving destinations of the country: 1. The Jetty, Goa JettyA good place to have your first diving encounter, The Jetty is positioned at the north western angle of Grand Island in Goa. Extremely shallow with the maximum depth being 8 meters and 5-6 meters on an average, one can get close-up views of lion-fish and schooling baby mullets here. 2. Havelock Island, Andaman HavelockThis enthralling island is a famous tourist hotspot. With white beaches and beautiful flora aiding the natural corals here, this is truly synonymous with heaven. Scuba diving here is one thing no tourist misses. The wealth of deep-set ships here provides for a perfect diving destination. 3. Locker of Davy Jones, Goa Davy-JonesBasically a site for seasoned divers, the waves are quite brawly here. It is an awfully broken up metal wreck and is confined in 14 meters of waterbody. Many sea creatures are seen on dives here, with jacks, tuna and mullets being the most perceptible. 4. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Andaman Mahatma-GandhiThe first of its kind in India, this marine park is a major attraction in Andaman. Among its many other attractions, scuba diving is one that stands out. People from all over the country come here to live the underwater life here. State of the art and extremely enthralling, it is arguably one of the best places for diving in India. 5. Wreck of Suzy’s, Goa Wreck-of-suzyA 30 meters long World War II metal ruin in shallow waters starting at 3 meters and the lowest being 12 meters, this is a perfect spot for scuba diving. Save the thrill, one can trace an incredibly diverse fish pool and sea life. 6. Island of Netrani, Karnataka NetraniLocated 10 kms across the exotic Karnataka coast of Murudeshwara, this is certainly a jewel in the Arabian sea. Home to a huge population of pigeons, this is a place bustling with activity in December and January with divers from all over the world descending here for that one magical dive amongst its corals. 7. Agatti and Bangaram Islands, Lakshadweep agattiThese are the only two islands open for public here and they keep the spirit of Lakshadweep alive. With natural coral reefs, blue lagoons and delicate marine life, a dive here is truly and exhilarating experience. The turquoise blue water and the white coral sands only add to the beauty of your experience there. 8. Cove of Shelter, Goa Cove-of-ShelterWith a very low depth- roughly 8 meters- it is a supreme diving spot for amateurs and veterans alike. With a plethora of tiny fishes, solid corals, lobsters and everything that makes sea life beautiful, one connects with a newer self after a dive here! If you thought sky was the limit, it might just be the right time to think otherwise. The bounties of beauty and thrill that underwater life provides is unparalleled and it might just take one dive on your part to understand this fact!

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