10 Romantic Getaways in Singapore

Don’t you ever feel that our lives have become so hectic that we just can’t find time to be with our significant other? The strain of work, meeting deadlines, board meetings, etc. have begun to dominate our lives. However, no matter how busy our lives become, we must make room for that special someone. So, if you are looking to rekindle your romance, Singapore is the place for you. Although extremely famous as a shopping destination, Singapore also has several beautiful places where couples can fall in love all over again. To make sure that you choose the perfect places to visit, here is a list of the 10 most romantic places in Singapore.

1. Changi Point Coastal Walk

Changi Point Coastal WalkImage Source

Can there be a better place to reunite with your love than on a coast overlooking the sea and the hills while the sun slowly sets in the horizon? Changi Point has become famous for its remarkable view and its wooden coastal boardwalk. In the evening, as the sun is setting, the boardwalk is lit up with night-lighting, which gives it a romantic glow.

2. The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore FlyerImage Source

A 42-storey high Ferris Wheel, the Singapore Flyer is located in the Marina Centre. A ride on the Singapore Flyer last for half an hour, during which a person gets a have 360 degree view of the city and all of its important locations. Needless to say, the view is even more magnificent at night.

3. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia

Ritz_Carlton_Millenia_Singaporet_GoldList12_PRImage Source

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia, is one of the best places to stay for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. It is one the most exotic hotels in all of Singapore, with a view of Singapore Skyline and the Marina Bay that will take your breath away.

The hotel is also equipped with the most comfortable and modern living arrangements. In addition to that, the hotel also boasts of paintings by famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Dale Chihuly, Frank Stella and many more renowned personalities.

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4. Gardens by the Bay

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If you and your love are fascinated by the beauty of nature, then you might want to see Gardens by the Bay. A park spanning 101 Hectares, it is very close to the Marina Reservoir. Gardens by the Bay exhibits exquisite plants, flowers, trees, etc. of both indoor and outdoor varieties. The exhibited fauna comes from Singapore, as well as many far-off countries.

The highlight of the Gardens are the man-made mountain biome and the energy and water conserving Supertrees, which can be seen from miles away. The Gardens by the Bay is located on Marina Gardens Drive.

5. National Orchid Garden

Image Source

The National Orchid Garden is located on the highest hill within the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It has a stunning assortment of 60,000 orchid plants. If your partner is a lover of nature, then they will never want to leave this place of unearthly beauty.

6. Fort Canning Hill

fort canning hill

Image Source

If you are a couple made up of history buffs, then Singapore has the right mix of history and romance for you. Steeped in the history of Singapore, the Site earned its fame from the time it was called Bukit Larangan, ‘the forbidden hill’. The locals believed that on the top of the hill, was the palace of their ancestral kings. Later on, excavators found ancient relics to somewhat validate these claims.

Fort Canning Hill is also favoured by lovers for its beautiful natural splendour and scenic sites. You can completely forget about the world as you stroll around the hillside with you special someone, thanks to the wondrous beauty of the ‘forbidden hill’.

7. Spa Botanica on Sensota

spa botanica

We travel to enjoy ourselves and, once in a while, to treat ourselves to great luxuries. One of the best moments to pamper yourself, is when you are with your lover. Spa Botanica on Sensota has a wonderful couple’s package which you can avail. After travelling around Singapore, rest your muscles and enjoy the therapeutic wonders of a spa with your love.

8. Saint John’s Island

st john islandImage Source

Saint John’s Island is a fifteen minute boat ride away from the mainland, and it is famous for its scenic beauty and its abundance of fishes of various kinds.

You can have a romantic picnic on the beach, stroll amongst the beautiful gardens and trees, do some trekking and also play with the lovable dolphins in the area.

9. The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark’s KU DÉ TA

marina bay ku detaImage Source

If the two of you are planning to go all out and party the night away, then the Skypark is the place for you. Built in 2011, is located in the Marina Bay Sands, close to the Gardens by the Bay. The hotel- resort complex is a part of the famous Singapore skyline. With romantic lightings during the night, the Skypark is fitting place for romance.

KU DÉTA is the Skypark’s equally famous restaurant. Situated on the terrace of the hotel- resort, diners are treated to a panoramic view of the city, as they are served the finest of delicacies.

10. Bukit Batok Town Park

bukit batokImage Source

To create the most elegant of photographic memories, head out to Bukit Batok Town Park. Go to the picturesque Xiao Guilin Lake, and take a couple’s while sitting in the cradle of nature. Afterwards, sit together watch the setting sun gently kiss the waters. These, and many more places await your visit in the wondrous country of Singapore.

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