8 Romantic Honeymoon Beaches in The World

Honeymoons are about love, expressing love and feeling it. While you soak in all this love, you must ensure that the destination too supports such stuff. Jokes apart, honeymoons are romantic as a cliché and thus beach honeymoon destinations might just be the best spots to land at. Check out the top 8 romantic beach honeymoon hubs where you can gaze at your spouse for the better part of the day while having a whole lot of fun during the remaining bits.

1) Placencia Peninsula Beach, Belize -

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Placencia Peninsula Beach is the biggest beach stretch on Belize. Not many know of this humble place that is best described as laidback. The place is accessible via flights from Miami or even Houston. Therefore, you will have to get a visa for the US. It is an untouched tropical haven that is under hyped when compared to the Caribbean. From snorkelling to other water sports; to some perfect beach tanning besides explorations of the rainforests here-- you will have a lot more to do than just loving your partner at this beach honeymoon hub.

2) Mamanuca Beach, Fiji Islands -

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Fiji Islands houses Mamanuca Beach - a haven for its azure waters and white sands, which beckon honeymooners for a swim! Unspoilt and virgin like-- the beaches at Fiji Islands indeed make you hope to have honeymoons every year. Begin your wonderful journey of marriage here as you stay wide wake in each others’ arms while sky gazing. Bathe in the pristine waters here and take a stroll into the jungles around. With no visa required, this is a bigger reason why you must go visit Fiji! Best time for visiting here is between July and September.

3) Kastro Kilini, Greece-

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Greece has much more to it than the fiscal crisis everyone is talking about now. Greece is a paradise for beach loving honeymooners thanks to presence of Kastro Killini, an awesome beach spot. The sandy white beaches, the lovely resorts, the pleasant Mediterranean breeze-- need any more reasons to pack up for a romantic beach honeymoon to one of the islands heed? Santorini and Athens are other top picks that offer great corals to stare at as well as finger licking seafood.

4) Turtle Bay and Anse Aux Pins Beach, Seychelles -

Turtle Bay and Anse Aux Pins Beach, SeychellesImage Source

Seychelles ranks high on the list of honeymooners looking for a beach destination that is romantic as well. Land at Mahe and let your hair down for beachy fun at Turtle Bay and Anse Aux Pins beach. It is secluded and magical to say the least. From exploring the rainforests to strolling along the golden beaches as the blue waters wash your feet-- Seychelles could be a wonderful beginning to your marriage. What's more you can get visa ob arrival here without much fuss.

5) Cocoa Island, Maldives -

cocoa island maldiveImage Source

Maldives is a classic honeymoon destination for beach lovers. When in Maldives, tan up and explore the white strecth at Cocoa Island is apt for atrolling or even scuba diving. From the luxury villas here to the adventure sports to indulge in, Maldives keeps you supercharged and high on love plus sport. The visa is available on arrival even here and comes free of cost.

6) Kuta, Bali -

Bali Kuta BeachImage Source

A traditional yet fun pick for beach lovers on the lookout for honeymoon romance, beaches at Bali offers options aplenty- from local massages to great food, from island hopping to scuba-- and even has private villas that turn you high on love. There are umpteen number of beaches at Bali-Kuta and Seminyak are the toppers here for honeymooning couples. The destinations are splendid and you must make sure you enjoy visits to the temples here besides trying parasailing. Visa is again available on arrival and there are umpteen shopping hubs to fill your bags from.

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7) Coron Palawan, Philippines -

Coron Palawan, PhilippinesImage Source

Shadowed and secluded-- Philippines is a popular destination that is emerging as a beach vacation spot for honeymooners. It is bright, sunny, serene and sandy--need anything more worthy to pack bags for Philippines? Must visit beaches are at the Coron Palawan and Panglao Island at Bohol here.

8) Sihanoukville, Cambodia -

Sihanoukville Cambodia Image Source

Well Cambodia is a home to much more than just the Angkor Vat. Plan a honeymoon at Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The beaches here enthrall and energize you to indulge in snorkeling or scuba diving besides letting your pockets out for a gamble. It is an apt romantic destination for beach enthusiasts on a honeymoon. There are luxury hotels and even budget villas in the place. From great seafood to long drives along the roads beside the beaches here, Cambodia has a whole lot to offer. With so many international beach destinations ideal to honeymoon at, you could only be spoilt for choice. Trust us; plan your budget and itinerary a little bit ahead to ensure you make the most out of honeymooning here. With affordability, fun and romance packed into a box for each of these destinations, you can only look at basking in your new found love! Happy honeymooning on the beach in true blue romantic style!

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