7 Best Places For River Rafting in India

If a splash of water can get you all freshened up in the morning, imagine a splash in the wild waters of the mountains, ravaging and all fierce, thrilling you to the core and chilling you to thespine. For all the adventure enthusiasts, river rafting is one activity that has a new flavour to it each time. Here is a list of the top places to indulge into this activity in India. 1. Rishikesh rishikesh The first name that comes up in the mind of anyone when talking of river rafting in India has to be Rishikesh. Ganga at Rishikesh is undoubtedly one of the best places to raft in the world. With a killer combo of white sand and fierce river currents, set against the majestic Kumaon range, this place has even got Brad Pitt for an adventure ride. With each range having a mixture of grades in difficulties, it is bound to be an adventure of a lifetime here!  2. Teesta teestaConfined to the winter months, rafting in Teesta, the major river of Sikkim is one experience that will be in your minds for a long time. Graded 4, this range, with a variety of rapids, get even the most experienced rafters baffled. The more turbulent Rangit, the largest tributary of Teesta, is sure to get your adrenaline running!  3. Zanskar Zanskar River RaftingAt a height of 12,000 feet, surrounded by towering mountains on all four sides, the Zanskar range is well known for its scenic touch. The catch is, as the river freezes in the winters (yes!), the best time for rafting here is during summers. Quite a respite from the heat in the other part of the country, eh?  4. Indus indus Comparatively a calmer range for rafting, this is another option for rafting in the summers. The route passes through some difficult and remote terrains in Ladakh. Set amidst towering snow-peaked mountains, very deep gorges and the monasteries, this is one place that will add an extra dimension to your rafting experience altogether!  5. Brahmaputra brahmputraThe mighty Brahmaputra might be calm in the plains, but on the hills, the river has a different face altogether. Arunachal Pradesh is the place to go for rafting in North-East India. One of the longest rafting ranges in the country with 180 kilometres (yes!), this is an expedition of a lifetime. Graded level IV, what adds to this experience is the virgin beauty of the North-East.  6. Barapole barapoleIn the Western Ghats, levels between grade II and IV, and edging along the Deccan plateau, Barapole in Coorg is a perfect rafting destination. Best felt during the monsoon and post monsoon days, this is one place in South India if you are keen to have some rafting adventure.  7. Tons tonsSaid to have more wrath and water than its parent, Tons in Garhwal is the biggest tributary of Yamuna. With an average rating between III and IV, it will also surprise you with some V graded rapids. This range is considered one of the most challenging white water rafting expeditions in India currently. It’s time that you pamper your adventure streak and get going! Leave the monotony behind and give yourself a break-shake. Experience the ‘water-thrills’ and get your refresh button pressed.
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